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Planning to hire? Maybe you just need a basic set of tools? These Starter Kits are great for employees or even for yourself, especially if you are new to window cleaning or don’t feel like researching and compiling all the different types of tools you may need. Looking for a brand-specific kit? No problem! Looking for something recommended by your favorite Youtuber? We have those too! We offer stain remover kits, kits that come in premade boxes, personally assembled kits by window cleaners, and more! Most kits include a basic starter set of tools such as washer sleeves, squeegees, and much more. Fast, easy, and reliable shipping is always guaranteed when you shop with WCR. Start your window cleaning journey today with one of our Starter Kits!

Did you know we help lots of home owners as well? If you need some basic supplies to keep your residential windows clean, you are in the right spot and a basic Starter Kit might be very helpfil. Afterall, windows are among the most visable parts of any home! Check out this article from Redfin, Window Cleaning Tips from the Pros, who asked us and other industry experts for window cleaning tips to acheive sparking clean windows at home.

Are you new to window cleaning and not sure what tools to start out with? Maybe you are adding a new employee to your team and don’t have time to hand-select everything they need on the job. Whatever your needs are, we have window cleaning starter kits in stock and ready to ship. Browse kits from Ettore, Maykker, Moerman, Unger, Pulex, Sorbo, and many more brands.

Learning a new trade or starting a new business can be overwhelming; a starter kit makes it easier to get started. We are aware that a starter kit is not a one-size-fits-all solution for most window cleaners. For that reason,  we have a vast selection of comprehensive cleaning kits to choose from so you can tackle any job that comes up. Our starter kits come in all shapes and sizes, whether you use a specific brand or want a mix of tools from different manufacturers! If you’re looking for a waterfed kit rather than a traditional starter kit, check out our Complete Waterfed Packages.

When you choose a starter kit from Window Cleaning Resource, you are choosing a kit that was carefully selected by an actual window cleaner who knows what tools would be most beneficial to have on hand. The tools you typically find in our window cleaning starter kits will include a combination of squeegees, complete scrubbers, towels, squeegee rubber, buckets, BOABs, scrapers, scrubbers, extension poles, and more! Kits also vary in complexity. We have basic kits for beginners or homeowners that include the bare bones of what you need to get started, like the Ettore Basic Kit or the Keep It Simple Kit. If you need a more comprehensive setup that includes all of the bells and whistles, we have that too! Popular options include the Pro Trad Kit and the Residential Supreme Kit.

We also have kits curated by some of your favorite window cleaning influencers and reps who work at Window Cleaning Resource. If you follow SteveO the Window Cleaner and his popular YouTube channel, you should check out some of the products and kits he has put together. Check them out on this page. You’ll also find kits from other popular Youtubers like Squeegee Life or the  Backflip Boys. We actually have an entire team of product specialists to help you,  we highly suggest you check out our product experts on staff. You’ll see both Jersey and Austin on our team have created a starter kit for us as well.

Our kits are carefully put together by window cleaning experts who have experience in the field and know the tools you will need to be successful (and maybe even some you wouldn’t consider. Several of these experts are on staff and available to answer any questions you might have and help select the perfect kit for you. When selecting any starter kit, you should look for the following tools. 

  • A squeegee is one of the most essential tools for window cleaning. It consists of a channel, a blade of rubber, and a handle.
  • A complete scrubber is a useful tool that is used to apply a cleaning solution to the window and scrub away dirt and grime, prepping the glass for your squeegee to be effective. Comes with a T-bar and washer sleeve.
  • A good window cleaning solution that helps break down and dissolve dirt, grease, and other contaminants on the glass. You should always explore different glass cleaners to select the best one for you. 
  • Traditional window cleaners also want a bucket to hold your window cleaning solution. Most window cleaners utilize 6-gallon rectangular buckets, which allow a complete scrubber to be completely submerged in a solution. 
  • Towels are smart to keep on hand so that you can take care of frames, sills, and detailing.
  • An extension pole is also useful to have on hand. If you do a lot of storefront or route work, a quality extension pole is key. Consider one that utilizes a Carbon Fiber build.

When choosing a window cleaning starter kit, consider the size and type of windows you'll be cleaning, whether you'll be working indoors or outdoors, residential or storefront, etc. Investing in professional  tools and supplies can make a significant difference in the quality of your work,

We offer more than just window cleaning kits as well. We cater to a ton of customers that perform popular add-on services. Browse kits centered around screen cleaning, construction cleanup, stain removal, adhesive removal, indoor cleaning, dusting, and much more. We also have lots of sampler kits that help you try out different tools. Consider our Towel Sampler Kit or the Rubber Sampler Kit if you want to try something new.

If you are just starting out in the window cleaning industry, we have so many great resources beyond our wide selection of starter kits! If you are looking to connect with other window cleaners, consider joining the Window Cleaning Resource Forum or joining our super popular Pro Window Cleaners Facebook group! We also have video content that is released on our YouTube channel every weekday. Learn about products and new things happening at WCR. Finally, we offer a number of free resources on our website that can help you in your business. Check out the Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint or Window Cleaning Basics Guide.