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Planning to hire? Maybe you just need a basic set of tools? These Starter Kits are great for employees or even for yourself, especially if you are new to window cleaning or don’t feel like researching and compiling all the different types of tools you may need. Looking for a brand-specific kit? No problem! Looking for something recommended by your favorite Youtuber? We have those too! We offer stain remover kits, kits that come in premade boxes, personally assembled kits by window cleaners, and more! Most kits include a basic starter set of tools such as washer sleeves, squeegees, and much more. Fast, easy, and reliable shipping is always guaranteed when you shop with WCR. Start your window cleaning journey today with one of our Starter Kits!

Did you know we help lots of home owners as well? If you need some basic supplies to keep your residential windows clean, you are in the right spot and a basic Starter Kit might be very helpfil. Afterall, windows are among the most visable parts of any home! Check out this article from Redfin, Window Cleaning Tips from the Pros, who asked us and other industry experts for window cleaning tips to acheive sparking clean windows at home.