What are the best tools for scrubbing glass?

What are the best tools for scrubbing glass?

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What are the best tools for scrubbing glass?

Dirt, bugs, and stubborn debris? Don’t make them your enemy! Scrubbing up dirt and debris before applying your squeegee for that squeaky-clean shine is essential to cleaning your customers’ windows. In this week’s article at Window Cleaning University, we’ll talk about the best tools to throw onto your belt for scrubbing glass.

Complete Scrubbers, also known as Complete Stripwashers

Ahh, the stripwasher - it is a tool of many names. Also known as the scrubber, the mop, the sleeve, the washer, or the pad, a window cleaner would call it the squeegee’s best friend. Complete Stripwashers are absolute essential tools when it comes to professional window cleaning. They have the job of moistening, loosening, and agitating the dirt on your customers’ precious glass so the squeegee can wipe it all away with ease. They come, usually, in two parts: the T-Bar and the Sleeve, and can be used by hand or on an extension pole for high windows. There are some unique types of scrubbers that require more parts than the average stripwasher, which we’ll dive into later. Stripwashers range in absorbency levels, abrasion levels, and size. There are even some special combination or flipper tools that stand out from the rest. So, we’ll talk about each type, provide some examples of them, and help you discover what may work best for your window cleaning workflow.

The T-Bar

Complete stripwashers come equipped with a T-Bar. A T-Bar is the handle that you’ll hold or attach to your extension pole that has a horizontal top section to secure your scrubber sleeve. They are constructed of plastic, metal, rubber, or a combination of materials. Some T-bars have the option of swiveling, which allows you to apply pressure at different angles to attain your desired result. T-Bars range in length to fit your scrubber, from six-inches for French-pane windows, to thirty six-inches for large storefront windows. You can find swiveling T-Bars, such as the Moerman Swivel T-Bar, which has a honeycomb pattern in the top to help retain water, or the Sörbo Swivel T-Bar, which offers an incredible range of sizes. Fixed-position T-Bars are also excellent if you want to keep your washer’s positioning extra steady. The Unger ErgoTec T-Bar is a great example, as it offers superior water retention with the divots in the top bar, and an ergonomic two-component polypropylene handle for all-day comfort. Another classic T-Bar is the Ettore Pro+ Fixed T-Bar, which is constructed of aluminum, making it super lightweight and comfortable for long-term use, too. To get the snuggest fit, you’ll want to pair up whichever t-bar you choose with the brand that corresponds with it. However, there are lots of combinations you can make if you’ve already got a t-bar or sleeve that you can’t live without! If you’d like to find out if a t-bar matches with a sleeve that are of different makes, feel free to give us a call at Window Cleaning Resource at (862) 266-0677.

The Sleeve

Complete stripwashers also come equipped with a Scrubber Sleeve. In the following section, we’ll mention some complete stripwashers that you can click right into to help you make the best decision possible to help out your business. There are many different types of scrubber sleeves each coming with their own specific purpose. Some projects will require a more aggressive scrubber, such as exterior windows, or super dirty glass, while other projects will require a gentler scrubber for dust and mild dirt, such as interior cleanings. In the following section, we’ll discuss some fantastic Complete Stripwashers with a focus on their sleeves.

Soft Scrubbers

For interior jobs and tinted windows, soft complete stripwashers such as the Moerman Complete Microfiber Stripwasher, which has great water retention for minimal drippage and a comfortable ergonomic-grip handle, are perfect to have on hand. Another fan-favored complete stripwasher is the Unger Black Series Power Washer Sleeve, which holds 20% more water than conventional microfiber sleeves, and sits tightly around any Unger T-Bar. A complete stripwasher with a unique tension-adjustable swiveling handle is the Unger Complete Microstrip Stripwasher. Equipped with the Unger MicroStrip Washer Sleeve, this is best for indoor use due to its superb water retention, minimizing drippage and trips to the bucket.

Medium Scrubbers

The super absorbent and durable Ettore Golden Glove is made with heavy-duty synthetic fibers and features double-stitched seams, ensuring a longer lifespan. This scrubber is popular, as with many Ettore products, and an absolute classic for just starting out. This will be a great tool to use as an every-day scrubber, as it is right down the middle of soft and aggressive. The Unger Complete MonsoonPlus Stripwasher features extra long fibers that allow for more water retention, which means your back will be saved as you won’t need to visit the bucket as often. It’s got double stitched ends for longevity, and a scrub pad on one end for extra scrubbing power on tough spots. Unger is also well-known for their super high-quality products, and their sleeves fit nice and tightly against their T-Bars.

Aggressive Scrubbers

Ever feel like you need to get a little… aggressive?! Take out your aggression in a healthy way with these extra-abrasive scrubbers. These complete stripwashers are essential when tackling those caked-up windows, coated with dried on mud, and that haven’t seen a window cleaner in a long time, if ever. These extra-strong stripwashers are not recommended for use on indoor or tinted windows, as they can cause unsightly scratches, and end up costing you the big bucks to repair. The Moerman Complete FUGU Stripwasher is an aggressive scrubber with abrasive material sewn throughout the entire sleeve. Featuring a mixture of stiff bristles with microfiber, these tiny plastic spines make the FUGU perfect for cleaning extra dirty skylights. People love it for all-jobs exterior, as it maximizes the use of your own body’s power with its strong bristles. Another Unger one for you, the Unger Complete Pad Stripwasher is special due to its dual-sided sleeve and high water retention. The green abrasive scrub strip is sewn onto the back of this sleeve making it easy for you to flip it once you’ve scrubbed the stubborn dirt away. One company worth making a special mention for regarding their stripwashers is Maykker. Maykker is unique because of the way they construct their stripwashers. Rather than having a scrubber wrap around and either snap or velcro shut at the bottom, Maykker utilizes their Maykker Handy Sleeve which secures with snaps over their Swivel T-Bar. Then, they offer a selection of mop heads that connect to the velcro Handy Sleeve, making it seamless to change out the heads. A great aggressive mop head from them is the Maykker Hedgehog, which features nylon bristles sewn throughout their absorbent microfiber material. In addition, their Maykker Switch-Mop Complete features a removable and replaceable blue scrub pad on top of a soft, microfiber mop head. The cool thing about Maykker is that you can add Blue, White, or Bronze EasyScrub Pads onto the ends of the tool, increasing your cleaning power and the longevity of the scrubber pad itself. The swiveling T-Bar also allows you to reach difficult corners to easily remove stubborn filth.

Combination Tools

Now, these tools are wonderful for super hot days when your solution is evaporating quickly. You can scrub and flip to squeegee, or you can turn the squeegee to the same side as the scrubber and pull down all at once. A fan-favorite is the super-absorbent Moerman Excelerator, which is amazing because it can lock into three different angles, wash and wipe simultaneously, and has a swiveling handle. No awkward corner will be a match for the Moerman Excelerator! It’s also got an ergonomic bi-component grip, the classic Moerman Liquidator channel and rubber, and the soft microfiber Moerman F*LIQ pad that will hold onto water for many windows. If you’re working with deep sills, solar panels, skylights, or air conditioners, the Sörbo Cobra Flipper Complete will be your go-to specialty squeegee. This Sörbo scrubber and squeegee tool features the timeless Yellow Jacket Washer pad, rigid aircraft-grade aluminum rod and clips for unique assembly, the lightweight, wide-bodied Cobra squeegee channel and rubber, and the Sörbo 9-inch Ledger CTL Swivel handle. This is a unique tool, which shared similarities with the Moerman Excelerator, but features that ledger handle, for you to conquer steep angles. One of our most popular combination tools is the classic Ettore Backflip, which shares similarities with the Pulex TechnoDuo. Both of these great tools can be separated into either just a squeegee or just a stripwasher, with the Backflip’s Golden Glove sleeve being softer, and the TechnoDuo’s MicroTiger sleeve being more aggressive. Each of these is four tools in one. You can utilize the squeegee and scrubber in tandem in the summertime, and even use them on extension poles. For any type of window cleaning job, there is a fantastic combination tool out there just for you!

Want to learn more?

Now that you’ve touched on some of our great window-scrubbing products, you’re probably excited to do some research of your own to see what’s best for you and your crew! But, you may still have some questions on your mind about the differences, similarities, and unique aspects of each product. If you do, don’t sweat it! If there is ever anything you’re unsure about, want to learn more about, or need advice for, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Window Cleaning Resource is here for you 24/7, with the help of our super-friendly window cleaning experts. Having owned their own window cleaning business, too, they have tons of information on window cleaning products, business tips, and more are here even if you want to just talk shop. These cleaners and HUNDREDS more products can be checked out on our fantastic Window Cleaning Resource platforms! For product reviews, discussions, information, and more: Check out our informative YouTube Channel Get advice, share tips, or just talk shop on our Window Cleaning Community Page Shop professional-grade t-bars and scrubbers at WCR! And most importantly - get out there, believe in yourself, work hard, and don’t forget - the rewards of this career are bountiful - so, have fun! Talk to you soon! From, Your friendly professionals at Window Cleaning Resource Window Cleaning Resource How Can We Help You Today?
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