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About the Moerman Excelerator

No need to use a squeegee in one hand and a microfiber cloth in the other. The Moerman Excelerator is the only go-to window cleaning product you’ll ever need. The Moerman squeegee/mop combo tool functions seamlessly, whether used on an extension pole or by hand. It’s a definite must-have for both route and residential window cleaners.

This squeegee combo handle stands out from the competition because of its great features:

  • Excelerator handle - Adjusts and locks into three positions: 10°, 25°, and 40° angles. With the adjustable handle Excelerator, you’re guaranteed to easily close out windows. The handle effectively holds liquidator channels and any other non-widebody channels.
  • Swivel movement - Its incredibly smooth swivel movement feature can be locked in the center position with a swivel lock button. Paired with an ergonomic bi-component grip, the swivel handle makes for the perfect window cleaning tool.
  • Moerman F*LIQ Pad - This thick microfiber washing pad easily absorbs great amounts of water, so you can avoid dripping on floors and surfaces in between jobs.
  • Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Channel - Angled end tips and special clips for the F*LIQ pads make this the perfect final touch.

The Moerman Excelerator handle features an ergonomic grip that prevents the product from slipping in between jobs. With its smooth swivel movement, the Excelerator handle can easily adjust to three different angles, ensuring ease of use, especially when fanning on a pole. Once the locking mechanism is engaged, the Excelerator handle delivers a stiff yet comfortable grip that simplifies the cleaning process.

You may use this tool either by hand or by attaching it to an extension pole. When using the Excelerator on a pole, it's best to attach the pad over the back of the channel so it can easily be flipped over and onto the glass. When using the tool by hand, it’s best to attach the pad under the back of the channel and quickly dropped down when it’s time to squeegee the windows.


  • Moerman Excelerator Squeegee Handle
  • Moerman F*LIQ Washer Pad
  • Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Channel


  • Specialty squeegee locks into three positions: 10°, 25°, and 40° angles
  • Super smooth swivel feature handle
  • Ergonomic bi-component grip
  • Thick microfiber pad for great absorbency

Questions & Answers

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  • Can you buy a replacement scrubber for this product?

    Yes you can, it is called a "Moerman F*LIQ Clip On Washer Strip" and you can find them right here on our website.

  • What replacement rubber do you use with this?

    Thanks for posting this question. The most ideal rubber for the Liquidator channel that comes with the Excelerator is the Moerman Liquidator rubber, you can see all the options below. You can also use any other standard "rounded" rubber but you have to trim the ends to contour to the shape of the Liquidator channel.

  • Will this fit the regular Ettore channels? Thanks

    Yes it will.

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