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About the Pulex TechnoDuo

This combination tool from Pulex will not only save you time, but the modifications made on this unique squeegee will allow for a more thorough clean. Close out windows with the Technoduo's MicroTiger Sleeve and midweight Stainless Steel channel on the other.

The MicroTiger Sleeve is constructed of microfiber that has high water retention and special abrasive strips that won't scratch your glass.

Wash and wipe with just one tool with the Pulex TechnoDuo squeegee.

*DOES NOT work with the Pulex Technolite Stainless Steel Channel, it only works with the Pulex Stainless Steel Channel.


  • Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel x 1
  • Pulex MicroTiger Sleeve x 1
  • Pulex Squeegee Rubber x 1
  • Pulex Brass Clips x 2


  • Two tools in one
  • Plus microfiber with abrasive strips wash and scrub glass
  • Save time with this specialty squeegee


Ask a Question
  • What type of channel works with this? Is it clip-less? Will the Unger S channel work? Is the 18 inch size the scrubber or channel size?

    The only channel that works with this product is the Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel which does not have clips. The size reflects both the channel and the sleeve.

  • Does TechnoDuo come with a fabric sleeve and a rubber squeegee? Is there a pole that I can order to go with it?

    Yes, it comes with a sleeve and one strip of rubber. A great pole to pair with it is the Xero trad pole.

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