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About the Ettore Stainless Steel Backflip

The Ettore Backflip is four tools in one squeegee. The squeegee is two inches longer than the washer, and can be set up to be used together and scrub and squeegee in one pass, or can be set up so you scrub, flip, and squeegee. Either way, you save a ton of time doing extension pole work. Or you can take it apart and use the two separately if needed.

The squeegee channel is actually two inches longer than the product description. The 10 Inch Backflip features a 10-inch sleeve but a 12-inch channel.


  • Ettore Stainless Steel BackFlip Squeegee Channel x 1
  • Ettore Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel x 1
  • Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber x 1 strip
  • Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve x 1
  • Ettore Brass Clips x 2


  • Midweight Stainless Steel Channel
  • Four tools in one
  • Use squeegee and scrubber in tandem, or take apart if desired
  • Classic Ettore Golden Glove sleeve lives up to its reputation

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  • Will the stainless steel backflip screw on to a Libman extension pole?

    In order to use the Ettore Stainless Steel Backflip, you will need a tapered pole tip or a wood cone as it doesn't screw onto anything. Check out the Mr. Long Arm Plastic Pole Tip.

  • Does a long handle come with it?

    No, the handle is a standard size.

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