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About the Sörbo Cobra Flipper Complete Squeegee

Excelling in speed and functionality is the new Sörbo Cobra Flipper Complete Squeegee and Washer.

This advanced, dual-functioning specialty squeegee is equipped with Sörbo’s esteemed, 3-inch thick Yellow Jacket Washer material, which securely attaches to the Cobra squeegee channel by their rigid aircraft-grade aluminum rod. Then, the whole package is tightly secured with their custom-designed Sörbo clips.

This squeegee is an ALL-IN-ONE tool. Sörbo's top-ranking Yellow Jacket Washer material absorbs a substantial amount of liquid, and with just a flip, Sörbo’s high-grade rubber wipes away any remaining residue.

This complete squeegee comes with the lightweight and rigid Sörbo Cobra Channel, and the sturdy Sörbo 9 inch Ledger CTL Swivel, with a fast release for smooth channel swapping.

The Sörbo Cobra Flipper Complete is the fastest Squeegee and Washer system to date. Just flip it on your high pole or handle, and get a dry, streak-free shine in seconds.

And the best part? You’ll never have to change tools on the job.

The Sörbo Cobra Flipper Complete Squeegee comes in four sizes: 14-inch, 18-inch, 22-inch, or 24-inch, suiting all of your professional window cleaning needs.

What you’ll get with the Made-in-USA Sörbo Cobra Flipper Complete Squeegee:

  • Super absorbent 3-inch thick Sörbo Yellow Jacket Washer x 1
  • Rigid aircraft-grade aluminum rod x 1
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum clips x 2
  • Lightweight and rigid Sörbo Cobra Squeegee Channel x 1
  • The sturdy Sörbo 9 inch Ledger CTL Swivel x 1

BlackDiamond Round Top, Ettore Master, Facelift RazrBlade, Moerman, Pulex, Unger, and Wagtail Squeegee Rubber WILL NOT fit in this channel.

Extension poles are sold separately.

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