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About the XERO Hybrid X2 High Flow Brush

XERO offers this Hybrid Brush to use on your waterfed pole for cleaning windows. This great 12 inch brush has both nylon and boar's hair bristles. The nylon allows you to easily glide over the surface of the glass while the boar's hair lets you scrub and agitate the dirt and grime. The dual trim design features longer outer bristles that can splay across the window. There are two jets to blast away the filth and let the pure water rinse the glass clean. These are built on a fun purple block to add some color to your set up.

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  • It says high flow brush-- what are the pencil jets in diameter compared to the other Tucker OLD SCHOOL aluminum ASH had 1/4 inch screwjets. How big are these?

    The jet orifices are 1-2mm wider on the High flow brush. This brush is ideal to use with the Xero X2, so as to reduce backpressure and ensure maximum flow out of the brush.

  • is it avail. in larger size? are they having any issues with "bowing" of the plastic base?

    There are no issues with bowing. Right now, they are only available in 12".

  • Does Tucker make this brush for them? Does it come with jets? Would the Tucker rinse bar fit on it? Thanks!

    This comes with dual pencil jets. The rinse bar fits on it.

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