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Regular price $20,786.60 USD
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About the SolarCleano T1 & T1A → The Transporter

The SolarCleano T1A is an autonomous robot transporter. It can connect with other SolarCleano robots through the use of artificial intelligence and is compatible with SolarCleano F1, M1, and F1A. It is ideal for ground-mounted installation, has a maximum inclination of 25°, and has a platform height of up to 6 feet. It can effortlessly bring your cleaning robot from one panel row to the next. It conveniently slopes to the proper angle of any solar installation for streamlined function. There is no need to fret around carrying your solar panel cleaning robot - leave the job to the Transporter. You can now clean up to 4 MW per day with one single operator without even carrying your solar cleaning robot around. This intelligent device hauls solar cleaning robots from one panel row to the next on refined caterpillar wheels. The robot transporter can skillfully tilt to the correct angle of the solar installations for seamless operation.

These robots come with a one-year warranty, or you can purchase a second year of coverage for an additional fee. Depending on how much you use it, the trackers may need to be replaced twice a year and the batteries after about 2,500 charging cycles.

**To learn more about pricing and how to purchase the SolarCleano T1A, please call us at (862) 266-0677, or chat with us in the lower right-hand chat box.

The SolarCleano T1 has all of the same functions as the T1A, except it is remote-controlled, battery-operated, and used at the ground level.

Name Autonomous / Remote Controlled Length Width Height Weight Maximum Speed Remote Control Range Battery Duration
T1 Remote Controlled 51.20 Inches 47.24 Inches 27.56 Inches 771.62 Pounds 1.5 mph 656.17 Feet 4 hours
T1A Autonomous 51.20 Inches 47.24 Inches 27.56 Inches 771.62 Pounds 1.12 mph N/A N/A



  • Ground-mounted
  • Caterpillar wheels
  • Automated or hands-on
  • 1 Year Warranty

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