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About the Companion Tools Ledger Squeegee Handle

Window cleaners love using Ledger squeegee handles for tackling jobs with deep-set sills. Works with most standard channels so you can keep using your favorite brand. The two screws on the backplate let you tighten it down, so channels are locked in place. You can even attach these handles to your extension pole with a wooded cone. These durable handles are shaped in brass and made to last. The Double Bend handle is perfect for getting over air conditions and signs. You can even use it on interior ledges. If you often work at odd angles, try out the swivel handle.


  • Great for cleaning deep-set sills
  • Works with most standard channels
  • Can be attached to extension poles using a wooded cone


The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.

* channels will only fit with clips

Product Name Total Length Length from Bend Length of Handle Weight
Standard - 7 inch 7 inch 3.75 inch 3.5 inch 3.4 ounces
Standard - 9 inch 8.5 inch 5.5 inch 3.75 inch 3.7 ounces
Standard - 16 inch 14.5 inch 7.5 inch 7.5 inch 5.1 ounces
Standard - 22 inch 21.2 inch 14 inch 7.75 inch 6.8 ounces
Double Bend - 16 inch 14 inch 9.5 inch 5 inch 5.1 ounces
Double Bend - 22 inch 21 inch 17 inch 4.5 inch 6.8 ounces
Swivel - 9 inch 9.75 inch 5 inch 5.3 inch 4.9 ounces
Swivel - 12 inch 11.4 inch 7 inch 5 inch 5.2 ounces
Swivel - 14 inch 14.5 inch 10 inch 5.5 inch 5.9 ounces

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