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About the Sörbo Viper Channel

Sörbo is well known for its quality and innovation, as well as, being the godfather of widebody squeegees. The Viper 45 Channel continues that legacy with the popular Sörbo 3X4 design that gives you the freedom to adjust where the rubber sits in the squeegee channel so you always have the perfect firmness. This channel has 45° diagonal angles on the front and back to help prevent the channel from coming in contact with window frames. Clean closer to the frame so there is less detail work at the end and reach into corners. To match that design, Sörbo created the 45 Rubber. Even the easy-on, easy-off-end clips have been cut to match the 45° angle.

Use this wide-body channel with one of Sörbo's squeegee handles like the Fast Release Handle that gives you the perfect 40° angle for cleaning. This channel is perfect for utilizing the S-Technique style of cleaning. Lead with the top edge while you work to prevent streaks on the glass.

BlackDiamond Round Top, Ettore Master, Facelift RazrBlade, Moerman, Pulex, Unger, and Wagtail Squeegee Rubber WILL NOT fit in this channel.


  • Wide-Body Squeegee Channel
  • 45° Angled Ends
  • 3X4 Design
  • Use with the S-Technique
  • Get Closer to Frames
  • Uses Sorbo 45 Rubber


The following Sorbo handles have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.


The following handles have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.

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