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SteveO is not only a valued Youtube collaborator but he is also one of our dedicated product experts here at WCR!

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There are various ways to get in touch with SteveO! He can answer any and all of your questions!

  • CALL 970-599-1437

    Call or text SteveO for any and all advice: products, jobs, or just to place an order!


    Contact SteveO any time via email at!


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Traditional & Water Fed
Window Cleaning Expert

SteveO has been a part of the window cleaning industry for many years. He is your guy if you have questions or need advice!

  • Water Fed Systems

    Need a new Water Fed Pole System? SteveO has used them all. He'll help you select the perfect system for you!

  • Finance or Lease

    Interested in financing or leasing your next big equipment purchase? SteveO can answer any questions you have!

  • Water Fed Poles

    SteveO knows waterfed poles! Let SteveO help you make the BEST decision for your company.

Highly Reviewed

Put your faith and trust in WCR and SteveO to get your orders in and delivered to you fast! Don't take our word for it though, there are plenty of satisfied customers!

  • RECENT Reviews

    "Steven helped me with a big purchase, he is very knowledgeable and super friendly. I highly recommend WCR for all of your window cleaning supplies. Great prices, great service, and quick shipping." - Mikel Angier

  • RECENT Reviews

    "I put all my orders through SteveO, which makes things a lot easier. A quick text of what I need, a text back with the total and, pay for it and then it’s at my door a couple days later. Would definitely recommend buying your supplies from this company." - Joe Doraz

  • RECENT Reviews

    "WCR has been great to work with and order from. Prompt response and delivery. SteveO has gone above and beyond as a rep. He has helped us from the beginning and has taught us so much. Honestly we would not be where we are today without WCR and SteveO. Great company and great people." - Nathan Wehrmeister

  • RECENT Reviews

    "I spent a good 2 hours on WCR site looking for everything i need for window cleaning while watching and learning from SteveO youtube videos. I needed to find a few more items and i decided to utilize the chat feature on the site and what do you know SteveO not only was the chat rep, he also helped me through the rest of my search and purchases. The experience was amazing the customer service by SteveO A1 just like all his youtube videos very informative, responds quickly and not only does he know the products he also uses them which gives me that level of confidence. Thank you from the Pro Surface Clean Family Happy 2021!" - Jason B.

  • RECENT Reviews

    "This is a great resource for any window cleaner. Especially when you can get help from people like Steveo. He helped me make sure I had everything I needed for my new WFP system. Hit him up if you need anything!" - Seth Estep