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About the SteveOnator Water Fed Pole Kits

SteveO knows what's up when it comes to water-fed window cleaning. Let his knowledge make your life easier. This kit contains some of his favorite products for getting spotlessly clean windows.

Behind every great water-fed window cleaner, is a reliable purification system. To produce the pure water you need, these purification systems take the main source of the water, filter it through the carbon media to remove impurities, the water enters through the RO membrane to purify the water, and then finally through the DI housing to remove remaining contaminants and ensure a low TDS.

The XERO Pure MAX is a multi-stage, powerhouse RO/DI unit that produces pure water. This system utilizes a dual RO configuration to power a second pole or just have an ample amount of pressure.

Leave windows shining with the Tucker Purification Systems. The Tucker RO/DI Cart is a pumpless system that produces pure water on demand and can push 2-3 stories with ease. Eliminate low flow, produce more pure water, and hold 75% more resin with the Tucker 40/60 RO/DI Cart. These 4-stage systems are built on durable wheels and lightweight steel frames making them easy to maneuver around the job site.

Now to get the glass clean, SteveO picked his very own SteveOnator pole! This 40-foot pole weighs only 6.5 lbs. It's the perfect size for residential jobs and low-rise commercial gigs. It also has a 14.5-foot trad pole in the top three sections. Durable clamps keep sections extended while you work. It comes with an orange XERO hose and a black Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush. SteveO included a Tucker Swivel Gooseneck and Over the Top Rinse Bar for an Alpha style set up as he utilizes on his personal pole. Rinse the panes without having to touch them with the brush bristles to ensure you get a great clean. He also has the Uni-Valve in his kit for a simple on/off switch that sits right inside your pole. For even greater scrubbing power there is the Tucker Alpha Brush with boar's hair bristles. Get aggressive scrubbing on those super tough jobs.

Use the XERO HD 150 Hose Reel to keep an extra 150 feet of hose handy. You can easily get your system and pole where you need them on the job.

SteveO has been successfully cleaning windows for years, so you can trust his knowledge and know this powerful window cleaning kit can get the job done.

*Hose Color May Vary



  • SteveOnator 40 Foot Pole
  • Hose Reel with 150' of hose (color may vary)
  • Tucker Alpha Brush - Boar's Hair 12 Inch
  • Ample pure water power
  • Complete Set-up for cleaning

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  • Several questions here. Thank you for answering them to help me make a purchase. 1. What are the replacement filters (including RO membrane) for the tucker 4060 RO/DI cart? Please include links as the website does not list them under the replacement components section for some strange reason. 2. What is the maximum inlet pressure and maximum inlet gallon per minute flow rate on this unit/kit? 3. I will often have to use a DC powered pump from a water tank to run this system. Will this system benefit from an accumulator on the pump if ran from a pump? 4. What is the material used for the grommets/O-rings/gaskets that water passes through on this system. Are they chemical resistant? Please list all O rings, gaskets and their correlating sizes for the sake of replacement and maintenance. 5. What material is used for the hoses on this unit? 6. What type and size of hose connectors/fittings are used between the filtration unit and the waterfed pole? Thank you - J with SBCS

    Hi Jordan, thank you for your questions. 1. Here is the link to the replacement filter for the Tucker 4060 Cart: You can select RO Membrane in the options on that page. 2. The maximum inlet pressure and maximum inlet gallon per minute flow rate in this unit is 90 psi inlet pressure and 5-6 GPM. 3. Yes - it could help you. You will be able to use a smaller pump if you utilize an accumulator. 4. Gasket Washers: Replacement O-rings made from rubber: 5. The XERO hose is made from Polyurethane and is ether-based. 6. These hoses are perfect for connecting your pole and the filtration unit: XERO Hose is the world's best water fed pole hose.

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