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About the SteveO's Scrubber Sleeve Pack

Scrub a Dub-Dub with the SteveO's Scrubber Sleeve Pack! This ultimate cleaning pack was put together to help wash away tough spots and leave your windows shining. It is available in 14-inch or 18-inch and comes complete with 5 different sleeves, and a swivel t-bar.

Maykker Swivel T-Bar

This durable, aluminum t-bar has a swivel feature making it easy to get that perfect angle for soaping up windows. Its lightweight structure also makes it a perfect t-bar to use as an all-day tool. Add the Handy Sleeve, or use it with one of your favorite sleeves. 

Maykker Handy Sleeve

This unique sleeve could do more than just soap up windows. Not only does it hold sleeves, but with its powerful gripping teeth, it can also hold towels for detailing windows up high or removing cobwebs and it can latch onto a bronze wool pad to get those stuck-on spots. Try it with microfiber cloths, scrubbing pads, or clean with it as is. The possibilities are endless! 

Maykker Scotsman Sleeve

The Scotsman Sleeve has a large microfiber tweed which gives it a weighted feel for heavy-duty cleaning. This sleeve is compatible with the patented Handy Sleeve mounting system. Its crafted from the most absorbent microfiber and the ends will never wear out because there are none!

Unger Black Series Power Washer Sleeve

The Unger Black Series Power Washer is made from 100% polyester and holds 20% more water than other conventional microfiber sleeves. The eager fibers soak up water and cleaning solutions for an efficient window application. When it gets dirty, throw it in your washing machine and tumble dry it. 

Ettore Pro+ Microfiber Sleeve

The longer the life, the better the sleeve. Made from absorbent microfiber fabric, the Ettore Pro+ Microfiber Sleeve is sewn with double seams for longevity. It also features a white scrub pad at one end to give those tough spots extra attention while avoiding scratching the glass. 

Moerman FUGU Sleeve

If you have extra grimey windows, the Moerman FUGU Sleeve is a mix of stiff bristles with a microfiber fabric to help remove stuck-on dirt. The multi-colored microfiber has high water retention for getting windows extra soapy and it has a white scrub pad attached to one end to help tackle those stubborn spots. 


  • Maykker Swivel T-Bar
  • Maykker Handy Sleeve
  • Maykker Scotsman Sleeve
  • Moerman FUGU Sleeve
  • Ettore Pro+ Microfiber Sleeve
  • Unger Black Series Power Washer Sleeve


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