Pure Water Systems

Pure Water Systems are an investment and one we don't take lightly. Whether you have soft or hard water, we can suggest a set up for you. Browse our selection of single-stage systems or if you have harder water, you may want to consider looking at our multi-stage systems. Either way, we offer the highest quality systems for water fed window cleaners. If you have any questions, call us at 862-266-0677!

Pure water cleaning has revolutionized the way window cleaners serve their customers! Pure water systems are used to produce pure water, simply put. Whichever system you choose is based on whether you will be working with hard or soft water as well as the frequency or how often you will be cleaning. This is determined by the total dissolved solids (TDS) of the water, under 100 TDS means softer water while a TDS of over 100 means harder water. Your goal is to get zero TDS to clean windows. If you're unsure what water quality is in your area of coverage, find your TDS by using the widget below or reach out to our staff for assistance.

Waterfed cleaning works on the premise of using pure water, or water without mineral content that can leave streaks behind when it dries. True pure water with a TDS of 0 will result in a spot-free finish, which eliminates the need to squeegee or using harsh soaps or chemicals. The pure water system will take water and remove the impurities before it is fed through your waterfed pole and brush.  

Our purification systems feature different stages of filtration to ensure water is "pure" through either DI or RO/DI filtration. We offer all of the top brands and highest quality equipment. Replacement filters, parts, and fittings are available for when you need them to keep your system running like new. 

Check out our different purification units from the industry’s top brands: XERO, Unger, Tucker, Ettore and more! To determine whether a single stage, multi stage or delivery system is best for you, start by seeing what your TDS is! Plug in a few zip codes below to see what your average TDS is where you work. You can also give us a call directly at 862-266-0677 and we can really chat about what purification system is best for you and your company!

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Unger 3-Stage DI System

Single Stage Systems

If you have a lower TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and work in areas with softer water, are a solo operator, or are only planning on using your new set up infrequently a single-stage system might be for you! You can start by checking your TDS using the widget above and plugging in a few zip codes to see what your average TDS is where you work. A general rule of thumb is if your TDS is under 100, a simple DI tank based system will be most cost-efficient for you. Certain areas of the country, South Carolina, for example, have very soft water which results in much lower TDS readings. A multi-stage unit would simply be overkill in this scenario. Let's go over some of the most popular single stage systems!

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One of our most popular single stage systems is a simple DI Tank. XERO DI Tanks come standard with male garden hose threads in and out, PVC matching head, and filled with virgin resin. Choose between a 1/2 Cubic Foot and 1 Cubic Foot. If you have lower TDS, this is a great solution to get pure water! It's super easy to change your resin and even easier to transport your DI Tank in and out of your work vehicle. If you want a complete pure water package for pure water check out the popular XERO DI Package. With this package, you can choose your specific XERO pole from the Micro or Pro series. This particular package includes the XERO 1/2 Cubic Foot DI Tank. 

The Unger HydroPower Systems are also a popular option for those working in areas with softer water. The Unger HydroPower comes in a 1 stage and 3 stage purification system. You can also add a cart that makes it the system even more portable and easy to transport at jobs. We also sell the Unger HydroPower Resin Bags for these units which allows you to change the resin quickly and easily. The design of the bag decreases channeling and optimizes the resin's longevity. Looking for a complete set up from Unger? We highly recommend the Unger HydroPower Ultra Package. Chose from the stage 1 or stage 3 system as well as your favorite Unger pole! This complete package will give you everything you need to start cleaning right out of the box!

Finally, if you are partial to IPC Eagle, check out the IPC Eagle Hydrotube. This lightweight, durable pure water system comes with a handheld TDS meter and can be wheeled almost anywhere including, sidewalks, grass or any kind of uneven terrain.

Multi Stage Systems

We have a truly excellent line of multi stage systems to choose from when it comes to pure water window cleaning. Multi stage systems are most popular among professional window cleaners because they handle both soft and hard water. They are also suited for daily use. If your water is on the harder side (TDS of above 100) and you plan to use your system frequently or even daily a multi stage system is going to make the most sense for you!

Our most popular multi stage system is our XERO Pure unit. The XERO Pure has been our BEST selling system going on 8 years now. It just works, it's simple to operate and cheap to maintain. It can handle the hardest of water and is an affordable pure water system for a residential or commercial cleaning business. The upgraded XERO Pure MAX is also a great option. This unit is upgraded with two side by side RO Membranes giving you greater filtering capacity. The increase in water production means it can easily accommodate a two-person crew. Single users can enjoy the freedom from needing a pump and electricity to get enough pressure to reach the highest windows. All of our XERO units are made and manufactured right in NY by us, so you know they are going to be made with only the highest quality parts.

IPC Eagle is also no stranger to multi stage systems. They make great units for window cleaners. Their most popular unit is the original IPC Eagle Hydro Cart. This is the baseline HydroCart that most people begin with. It has four stages of filtration and its perfect for residential teams. The frame comes pre-drilled for growth. At any time in the future, you can add a hose reel and a motor.  Choose between the basic version, battery, electric or gas-powered! The upgraded version of that is the IPC Eagle Hydro Cart 2X. This system uses four stages of filtration to produce pure water. This base RO/DI system can produce 1 to 1.5 gallons of pure water per minute. When you add a pump you can get up to 4 gallons per minute to run 4 or 5 poles simultaneously. A basic version is available as well as an electric pump and gas pump model.