Tucker Brushes

Tucker is the gold standard when it comes to Water Fed Pole Brushes! Tucker Brushes are available in the three basic brush materials: Nylon, Boar's Hair and Hybrid. Tucker Brushes provide great scrubbing power as well as durability and will fit on all modern water fed poles. In fact, all of our popular XERO poles are fitted with Tucker poles. Tucker Brushes are available in 12 or 18-inches with multiple jet configurations. Many popular add on accessories are also available to purchase including the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar and the Ticker Swivel Gooseneck which allow you to work smarter, not harder!

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There are certainly a lot of Water Fed Pole Brushes available on the market today. We understand that it can be overwhelming choosing a brush when you don’t understand the difference between the materials or maybe you just don't quite know what you need. Many of our customers utilize different Water Fed Brushes for various situations and applications. Below we will explain the different types of Tucker Water Fed Brushes available as well as the basic brush materials and the differences between them. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 862-266-0677 and one of our knowledgable product specialists can point you in the right direction!

Types of Tucker
Water Fed Pole Brushes

Tucker Brushes come in three basic materials: Nylon, Boar's Hair and Hybrid. Below we will describe the difference between these materials, the pros and cons as well as which jobs they are best for.

Tucker offers a variety of Hybrid Brushes for window cleaners that will work for commercial or residential work. Hybrid bristles combine a mix of Nylon & Boar's Hair for the best of both worlds. These brushes are designed with Boars hair bristles in the middle and nylon bristles around the outside. Lots of different jet configurations available such as four pencil jets, four fan jets or a combination of dual pencil and fan jets. Hybrid Brushes are great all-purpose brushes and perfect for daily use because they are suitable for most cleaning situations. Very popular!

The Tucker Boar's Hair Brush is more of a specialty brush; it is super aggressive and provides excellent scrubbing power. Boar's Hair is especially useful for the most difficult and dirtiest jobs. It can clean better with fewer passes but it is heavier than nylon. Boar's Hair is great for first time or irregular cleans. Because it is heavier it is best for three stories and below. This specialty brush is more expensive than nylon.

Finally, we have Tucker Nylon Brushes. The bristles in Nylon Brushes are more of a soft, plastic material. They are gentle, lighter and not as aggressive as Boars Hair. Nylon Brushes are suitable for working at any height as well as regular, maintenance cleans. These are some of the most affordable waterfed brush options as well. Different jet configurations are available for Nylon Brushes. You can choose between a standard brush with four pencil jets in a dual trim block. Another option is two pencil jets and two fan jets in a dual trim block,

Always keep extra squeegee rubber on hand! You can purchase rubber in 12 packs or gross if you really want to stay stocked up.

Tucker Alpha
Water Fed Brushes

Tucker Alpha Water Fed Brushes were a revolutionary change to the water fed pole market. No need to buy the accessories separately, with this brush it includes everything you need for the ultimate water fed brush. These brushes come in 12 inch and 18-inch sizes with different trim styles and color options. The Alpha Brushes include four pencil jets internally plumbed for rinse inside the bristles as well as the lightweight Over The Top Rinse Bar and the Tucker Swivel Gooseneck. The Gooseneck provides a full side to side sweeping motion while you work and Rinse Bar makes for easy rinsing.

The Tucker Alpha Brush configuration allows you to be at the top of your waterfed window cleaning game. Choose between Nylon, Hybrid or Boars Hair material. You can also choose between 12-inch and 18-inch variations. The standard Tucker Alpha Brush comes with a red block and a black rinse bar.

There are a number of color configurations as well. Want all black gear? Check ou the Tucker Alpha Brush Black. Need a pop color? Check out the Limited Edition Tucker Alpha Brush which has a black block fitted with a green rinse bar. It's now easier than ever to match your gear to your branding!

The Tucker Alpha Phantom Brush was also designed especially for solar panel cleaners. This is a phenomenal option for dirty solar panels and comes in 12-inches and 18-inches.  It also includes all the necessary fittings to hook up to your waterfed pole.  The aggressive scrubbing power of the Boars Hair bristles pairs perfectly with the glide of the inner Nylon bristles.  This brush also includes four built-in pencil jets.

The History of Tucker Brushes

In 2006, Reach Higher Ground, Inc began selling water fed poles to the window cleaning industry. Fast forward to 2015, RHG purchased Tucker®. Tucker is the oldest manufacturer of waterfed poles, manufacturing high-quality and durable options. Tucker Brushes have actually been around for over 60 years! The acquisition of Tucker® meant that RHG could now offer a complete selection of window cleaning equipment to buyers: water fed poles, purification systems and of course, the most popular waterfed brush on the market, the Tucker Brush.

RHG Products is based out of a large manufacturing facility in Colorado, so every Tucker Brush is made right here in the USA! Their team is dedicated to bringing you the best window cleaning equipment and customer support on the products you need to use daily to run your business. 

So, why are Tucker Brushes so awesome? They are the industry standard because they use the best bristles money can buy. It is not uncommon for brushes to show wear and tear after heavy usage. Some water fed pole brushes lose their shape and bristles fall apart. Tucker brushes, on the other hand, are always high quality, aggressive and long-lasting. They continue to hold their shape even after prolonged use. 

RHG Products has also introduced a number of add-on tools and accessories to compliment their brushes. They introduced the Tucker Swivel, the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar and the Tucker Alpha Scrubber to name a few of their innovations. We will go into these tools in more detail below. The Tucker Alpha Brush line of brushes also shook the window cleaning industry and has been a "must-have" for many of our customers.

Tucker Waterfed
Accessories & Add-ons

Tucker has developed many add ons and accessories for their brushes that have proved to be very useful in the field. Tucker Brushes are versatile in that they will fit all modern water fed pole as well as a number of useful accessories.

The Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar is one of our favorite accessories for your water fed brush! It has a quality design and is very durable. A thorough rinse is crucial for water fed pole cleaning and this Tucker Rinse Bar gets it done, you don't even have to lift your brush off the glass with this!  The lightweight, plastic Rinse Bar will mount to the block of your Tucker brush and deliver a steady stream of water over the brush. This makes rinsing fast and easy and it takes seconds to install. The Rinse Bars are available in green and black colors as well as 12 and 18-inches.

The Tucker Swivel Gooseneck is another great waterfed accessory. This piece allows you to have a swivel option on your brush rather than a fixed angle. It takes seconds to install this on your water fed brush. It is easy to add or remove tension to allow for your desired swivel action. Users can easily adjust the resistance of the swivel at any time. You also have the option to put it in a locked position at any time at any angle. This accessory will fit the 12-Inch and 18-Inch Tucker brush models.

The Tucker Alpha Scrubber is also available. When your waterfed brush isn't getting the job done, the Alpha Scrubber is sure to be able to tackle those extra dirty jobs. This lightweight tool swivels from side to side as you work. It's very easy to attach this tool to your water fed pole.