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The XERO Screen Cleaner makes screen cleaning fast easy saving you time and effort!

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The XERO Screen Cleaner makes screen cleaning easier than ever. This Screen Cleaner cleans the screens fast and saves you a lot of work. It cleans screens easily and quickly. Brushes are strong enough to support most screens without extra assistance. Can clean screens as large as a standard patio door screen.

The machine is compact and lightweight making transporting the machine very convenient. The XERO Screen Cleaner is sturdy and easy to set up; unfold the legs, plug in your water source, and you are ready to go.

The four durable brushes take care of the screen and frame all in one. Water is delivered to the center of the washer through one feeder hose that comes standard with a garden hose fitting. This makes for easy hook-up or installation of a soap dispenser. This machine also has a built-in shut off valve for those concerned with conserving water.

This is our most popular selling screen cleaning unit. It's a great upsell to your services and the positive attention that is attracted from neighbors is phenomenal. 

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