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Regular price $99.00 USD
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About the XERO Contact Scrubber Complete

No more fighting with those stubborn, stuck-on spots. Scour the grime away using the XERO Contact Scrubber Complete. This nifty gadget attaches to your angle adapter, allowing you to simply flip your pole around and have it ready for agitation.

Using this tool with the included XERO Walnut Pad makes it the perfect duo. Containing crushed walnut shells, it's tough enough for an aggressive scrub but safe to use on surfaces where scratching is a concern. Once it wears down, easily replace it with another Walnut Pad or some other pad recommendations, including the Maykker Hedgehog Sleeve, Unger Microfiber Cleaning Pad, or the White Scrub Pad. Each of these pads performs differently, so when swapping out to try something new, be sure to check out each of the descriptions to fulfill your cleaning needs.


Choose the Fast Lock option if you already have your water fed pole set up with the XERO Fast Lock System. This option has the square block attachment point allowing you to either use the included adapter to connect to the back of your brush in a Y configuration or to connect directly to your Fast Lock to work on the glass.

Choose the Euro option if you haven't fully transitioned to the Fast Lock System and still have some legacy angle adapters that you might want to connect directly to. 


  • Attaches to the angle adapter on your water fed pole
  • Aggressive scrub
  • Easily accessible on your pole when cleaning
  • Safe to use on surfaces
  • Two XERO Walnut Pads included
  • 9" x 3" Pad Area


*Brush and Angle Adapter Sold Separately 


Questions & Answers

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  • With this fit a tucker brush

    Maybe! It depends on what socket you have on your Tucker brush. If you have a Euro Socket (the large round hole on the top of your brush) then unfortunately, this won't work for you right now. We're working on fixing that! But if you have the XERO Fast Lock System (the square hole on top) then definitely, this will work for you. This VIDEO shows you how to attach it to your Fast Lock Angle Adapter. If you want to switch your Tucker brush to the XERO Fast Lock system, we highly recommend it and then you'll be able to use this. Hope that helps! If you still have questions, our team would love to help, just hop on chat or give us a call.

  • Are the walnut pads safe for all windows?

    We would not suggest to use walnut pads for windows with tinting or delicate film such as low E. We always advise our customers to consider offering scratch waivers.

  • Does this come with the attachment adaptor shown in picture 2?

    That is the Euro version, so yes.
    Picture 1 is the Fast Lock version.

  • What is the size of the head.

    Hi Mike, it is 9" x 3".

  • I don't see the arm piece pictured with the fast lock configuration, only with the euro thread. So if I want the fast lock do I need to buy the arm separately to attach it to my swivel adapter along with my waterfed brush or does it come with it?

    You would need to purchase it separately. You can purchase the arm piece labeled "adapter" in a short or long style with this link: https://windowcleaner.com/xero-fast-lock

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