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Regular price $42.30 USD
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About the Ultimate Squeegee Combo

The Ultimate Squeegee Combo is perfect for the professional that is well versed in squeegees and is ready to try something a little different.

The Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Handle offers many different angles and smooth swivel action. It's light yet incredibly durable and stands the daily abuse. The clearance on this handle makes it easy to close out your typical commercial frame.

It's perfect for fanning, straight pulls, and closing out on high pole work without the need for a ledger. The F*LIQ pad is a great addition if you like working with combination tools and is available in a few sizes. It clips seamlessly onto the brass channel with no modifications required.

If you want more grip, add a small strip of duck tape to the channel where the handle grabs it to keep the channel from slipping. When the rubber that this squeegee comes with wears out, replace it with the Ettore Master Rubber or the Unger Green rubber. Use two clips to ensure the rubber is tight in the channel and gives you the best surface for cleaning.


  • Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Handle
  • Ettore Brass Channel 


  • Handle Swivels and has 5 Adjustable Angles
  • Optional F*LIQ Pad
  • Great for Closing Out Frames
  • Use for Fanning or Straight Pulls

Questions & Answers

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  • If I currently own the Unger 26' adjustable pole, is there a better pole for tall reach and fanning?

    If you are looking to upgrade to a better performing, lighter, and stiffer extension pole, we will recommend the XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole for ultimate performance.

  • Which extension pole suitable for this squeegee? Thanks.

    This squeegee handle is compatible with most pole tips, excluding the Pulex Pole Multi Tip, the Garelick Pole Replacement/ACME Pole Tip, and the Sörbo pole tip. 

  • Will this work with an unheralded pole?

    This squeegee handle cannot be threaded to a pole, it fits via lock, or pressure depending on your pole tip.

  • Will this work with unger pole

    This is a compatible option.

  • what rubber does it come with?

    This comes with 1 blade of Ettore Master Rubber

  • Is it a product with three teeth removed?? Do you also provide a retaining clip?

    No, there are no teeth on this squeegee handle. There is no retaining clip needed on this set up.

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