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Regular price $32.26 USD
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About the Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Squeegee Handle

Introducing the Moerman 2.0 handle. This cutting-edge device can switch between a pivoting squeegee, facilitating rapid window cleaning, and a fixed squeegee that ensures consistent pressure distribution along the channel.

Eliminate the need for additional detailing with the angle selector and choose from a range of angles to work with, including -20, -5, 10, 25, and 40. The thinner jaw and negative angles allow for an easier time on the bottom edges of the glass. The new channel locking mechanism is more user-friendly, holds tighter, and allows you to switch between the pivoting and fixed modes quickly.

When working with the pivot function, you can now customize the swivel friction by either tightening or loosening the self-locking hexagon nut. Additionally, the handle’s grip has been modified to offer a more ergonomic and comfortable hold. Either use it by hand or on the end of an extension pole and start cleaning windows faster than ever!



The following Moerman channels have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.



The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.

Manufacturer Part Number25460

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this work on an ettore reach pole or do I need an adapter?

    Great question! This Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Squeegee Hand is compatible with the Ettore Pole tip, so this is a safe option for you.

  • Has anyone used Moerman Excelerator 2.0 on Sorbo quicksilver 3x4 channels? I tried it on mine and the jaw cracked. It still works. I don't know if the channel is too big of if the handle might have been defective. Its an awesome handle to use.

    We wouldn't recommend pairing those two together.
    The following channels are compatible with the Moerman 2.0:

    Ettore Aluminum
    Ettore Stainless
    Ettore Brass
    Ettore Stainless / grip
    Ettore Aluminum QR
    Ettore QR Stainless/ grip
    Ettore QR Brass / grip
    Ettore Backflip Stainless 
    Ettore Backflip Brass
    Ettore Ledge-Eze Brass
    Ettore ProGrip
    Ettore Pro+ QR
    Ettore Pro + Super System 
    Ettore Pro + Zero
    Ettore Contour Pro +
    Moerman Stainless
    Moerman Combinator
    Moerman Ergonomic 
    Moerman Snapper
    Moerman Excelerator
    Moerman Excelerator 2.0
    Mr. LongArm
    Pulex Brass
    Pulex Swivel
    Sorbo Aluminum
    Sorbo Aluminum Fast Release / Ultra 
    Sorbo Red
    Steccone Reg-Clip Aluminum
    Unger Brass
    Unger Pro
    Unger ErgoTec SwivelLoc 0

  • I purchased a lot of Soren rubber for my sorbo products. Will this handle fit the Sorbo Ultralight channel (which is Sorbo’s standard channel instead of being a widebody channel)?

    Yes it will!

  • What extension pole works for this handle? Will Unger Optilock work?

    Hi Eric, the XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0 will be a great choice. You can select a Moerman tip to come with it. Unger products are only meant to be used with other Unger products.

  • Can I control the amount of swivel action?

    This handle includes a locking button that allows you to either work with a swivel or fixed tool.

  • Can I use the Ettore brass channel 14in with this handle?

    Yes, the Ettore Brass Channels will fit this handle.

  • Is no one else having a issue with your mop hitting the button every time you flip it over?? Why was this button changed from the original?

    Hi there, we have not experienced that ourselves. Please give our product specialists a call, they are always here to help.
    (862) 266-0677

  • The Moerman 2.0 customizable handle has been available since October 2022, when will we be able to purchase it through WCR? Thanks.

    Hi there, is this what you are looking for?

  • Will this hold the Ettore Super Channels?

    No, this will not hold a wide body channel

  • Will this hold standard Ettore channels?

    Yes it will

  • Does this hold a fliq pad without modification? Will wide body channels fit?

    Yes to not having to modify. No, it will not hold widebody channels.

  • Will the Excelerator handle hold Sorbo channels?

    No. It only holds standard channels.

  • Any word on when these are going to be available?

    These are expected to arrive in June.

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