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About the Sörbo Complete Swivel Cobra Squeegee

If you've been wanting to try out a Sörbo squeegee for the first time, or if you already know you love the Sörbo products, you can save time by buying this complete squeegee. The Sörbo Swivel Handle is the perfect match for the Sörbo Cobra channels. This handle has a fast release lever for quick channel swapping on the job. The vibrant colored head makes it easy to spot. Swivel the head to the best angle for your job.

The Cobra channels, made by Mr. Sörbo, the godfather of widebody channels, are designed to be lightweight and rigid, perfect for fanning or using the Z method. The edges are cut to a 40° angle. Plastic end caps protect window frames while you work. The high-quality aluminum channel houses a flat top piece of rubber. You can purchase replacement blades when the included one gets worn down.

To prevent damage, this complete squeegee does not ship with the channel inserted into the handle.

The Sörbo Complete Swivel Cobra Squeegee includes:

  • Sörbo Swivel Squeegee Handle
  • Sörbo Cobra Squeegee Channel 


  • Simple swivel function for best cleaning ability
  • Aluminum channel that is rigid and light in weight
  • Forget about damaging panes - plastic end pieces prevent scratches or scrapes

*Squeegee handle color may vary.

*The included rubber in the channel may vary between natural or silicone.



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  • Does the blade turn completely around?

    No it doesn't.

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