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SolarCleano B1/B1A SolarCleano

B1A → Autonomous Solar Bridge.

Introducing the SolarCleano B1A: the biggest fully-autonomous robot to clean solar panels.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence implemented by SolarCleano, it acquires orders to activate to clean up when needed. It also acclimates to gaps between panels and different heights without human intervention. Constant control and proper pressure is maintained with ease. This technological accomplishment is also programmable to clean wet or dry, work day or night, and connect to climate stations and monitoring methods that impact its behavior.

You can program sessions for cleaning anytime and can operate the B1A under any weather condition. Implemented with artificial intelligence, the B1A understands to recharge itself before harsh weather, such as a sandstorm.

Prepared with a thermal camera to inspect the panels' soundness through the detections of hotspots, microcracks, broken panels, and yellowing. This ability to read the surroundings prevents collisions with entities and individuals during cleaning. The B1A can automatically follow panels that modify their inclination and can remain steady thanks to the damper suspension system.

It comes provided with four styles of brushes that have been designed to terminate various kinds of soil. The cleaning brushes are as long as 19 feet, raising the cleaning capacity by three times compared to current state-of-the-art solutions.

It is the most significant, innovative, and fastest robot ever developed by SolarCleano. This revolutionary, fully-automated solar robot is designed for cleaning ground-mounted utility-scale power plants worldwide. Cleaning at night is just as effective, with its cutting-edge programmable settings.

It comes with 360° Wheel rotation, battery life of up to 8 hours, and a charge time of 3 hours.

SolarCleano B1 → Solar Bridge Controlled by You

The SolarCleano B1 features many of the same attributes as the B1A but is ground-controlled via a manual remote.

**To learn more about pricing and how to purchase the SolarCleano B1 or B1A, please call us at (862) 266-0677, or chat with us in the lower right-hand chat box.

Name Autonomous / Remote Controlled Length Width Height Weight Wet / Dry Cleaning Cleaning Capacity Maximum Speed Remote Control Range Battery Duration
B1 Remote Controlled 234.25 Inches 68.5 Inches 138.19 Inches Customizable Wet & Dry 6,000m²/hour 1.5 mph 656.17 Feet 8 hours
B1A Autonomous 234.25 Inches 68.5 Inches 138.19 Inches Customizable Dry 6,000m²/hour 1.5 mph N/A 8 hours


  • Cleans ground-mounted surfaces
  • 4 Brush Types
  • 360° Wheel rotation
  • Largest solar cleaning robot in the SolarCleano line

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