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Regular price $4,999.00 USD
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About the XERO Pure MAX Power

XERO Systems Warranty

The XERO Pure MAX Power is the final evolution of the XERO Pure MAX. With the addition of a built-in pump on the frame, you’ll find no bounds in your window and solar panel cleaning journey.


Setting the XERO Pure MAX Power apart from its predecessor is the built-in 110V motor and rotary vane pump that produces 3 gpm! Utilizing a half-unit horsepower motor and a pressure regulator operating up to 100 PSI, it delivers ample pressure precisely when it's needed most. Whether you're dealing with low incoming source pressure, working at elevated heights, or running multiple poles simultaneously, the XERO Pure MAX Power ensures you have the flow required for any task.

Guarantee accurate TDS measurements to help you maintain efficient water quality with the built-in TDS meter. Utilizing advanced microprocessor technology, this digital meter provides you with clear and concise readings time after time.

Additionally, this system features an option to utilize pure RO water for various applications, including solar panels and non-transparent surfaces. Don’t waste your DI resin getting perfectly pure water when you don’t need it to be more cost-effective.


Pre-Filters - The XERO Pure MAX Power is equipped with sediment and chloramine pre-filters, offering essential filtration for city water treatment. With the increasing presence of chloramines in municipal water, the addition of this filter is imperative. Chloramines pose a significant risk to RO membranes, and this filter is designed to prolong the lifespan of your system, ensuring years of reliable performance.

RO-Membranes - Equipped with side-by-side 40-inch RO Membranes, the MAX Power is ready to purify up to 3 gallons per minute. The built-in pressure gauge allows you to monitor the incoming water pressure from the pre-filters.

DI Resin - The final stage of purification is the DI Resin. This system incorporates a 10-inch refillable DI cartridge that holds just under 1/8 of a cubic foot of DI resin. This puts that perfect finishing touch for TDS under 10 ppm.

Quick and Easy Filter Changes

Replacing the filters on these units is designed to be effortless. With the included filter wrenches, opening the DI, sediment, and chloramine housings is a breeze. Simply untwist the canisters, replace the filter or resin, and tighten them back up. Regular filter changes are essential for maintaining water purity and preserving the integrity of the RO membranes. If you observe your TDS exceeding 10 ppm, it's likely time to replace the resin. With proper care, the RO membranes can last for years, minimizing the frequency of replacements.

Constructed with Care

Built on the same robust and thick sturdy steel frame as the XERO Triple Pure; WCR team members proudly make these units in-house, inspecting every detail to ensure they're perfect. Only metal fittings are used to ensure long-lasting durability of the system. The large flat-free wheels allow for easy transportation around your shop and job site.

The XERO Pure MAX Power can be used upright or lying down for added convenience. Weighing around 120 lbs, the system measures 19 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and stands 51.5 inches high.

*Please note that the XERO Pure MAX Power ships freight.

What's Included:

  • Built-in TDS Meter
  • RO Guardian
  • Lube
  • Owner's Manual
  • Small Filter Wrench
  • Large Filter Wrench


  • Dual ROs produce 1 gallon per minute on their own
  • With booster pump activated, dual ROs produce 3 gpm
  • Sturdy construction
  • Robust and thick frame
  • Easy to operate
  • Run two poles
  • 10-inch refillable DI cartridge
  • Sediment and chloramine pre-filters
  • RO water mode for solar panels and other non-transparent surfaces
  • Built-in 110v motor and rotary vain pump
  • Can be used standing up or lying down
  • Weighs 120lbs and measures 19" x 16.5" x 51.5"

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