What are the most efficient screen cleaners?

What are the most efficient screen cleaners?

What are the most efficient screen cleaners?

Window cleaners don’t just clean the glass part of the windows, but the screens, too! In this article, we’re going to talk all about the most efficient screen cleaners, accessories, and processes that will be sure to not only cut your work-time in half, but impress your clients while doing it.

Screen Cleaning Chemicals

When it comes to cleaning screens, Screen Magic Cleaner is the go-to chemical. Its unique formula works well on bug screens and solar screens alike, and all you need to do is spray it on, flip it, and spray again, without any removal with a towel needed. No towel? How can this be? Well, this superior formulation of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents organically eliminates dust, unclogging every section on your screen, making it shine like new. Screen Magic Cleaner is produced to come in a convenient concentrate so you can create your own solution, or a ready-to-use pre-mixed solution available in gallon size or spray bottle, which is the most ideal way to apply it. One of the best parts of this formula? The dust repellent aspect of the formula helps the screens stay cleaner for longer. The best way to start utilizing this amazing chemical and cut your cleaning time in half is to spray it 14 inches away from the screen. If you’re too close, you’ll shoot your chemical through it, so make sure you’re far enough away. Just spraying, flipping, and spraying again is just enough to get those screens clean. Looking to go the extra mile? To give the screens a uniform look, you can wipe down the excess around the perimeter of the screen with a towel, and wipe down the screen itself in vertical motions. Want to go even faster? Put two screens together and spray through them, turn them over, and spray again. The chemical will spray through to the back of each one, cutting your work in half again! What’s more, is that you needn’t even remove the screens. If you can access the screen from the inside of the home, you can give a light spray from the inside, which is always less dirty, and give a normally-dosed spray on the outside. Screen Magic is the perfect chemical and a great addition to your tool box for the window cleaner looking for a bargain and substantially cut down their work-time. Another option to fly through screen cleaning tasks are the Ettore Clean Screens Moist Towelettes. These special little towels are formulated to attract dust from window screens. This lint-free moist towelette will not leave residue from the cloth on window screens or disintegrate. Just one sheet can be used for approximately 20 square feet of screen and frame. Get more bang for your buck with these Ettore Clean Screens Moist Towelettes! The Winsol Screen Cleaner and Sealer packs a two-for-one punch for the window cleaner looking to clean and seal their clients’ screens. This dual-use chemical is compatible with aluminum, fiberglass, nylon, or vinyl screens, as well as frames. Again, this chemical is best applied using a spray bottle, or, you can also use a dampened towel to apply it all over your screen. Not only does it do a fantastic job of cleaning your screens, but makes it easier for cleaning times to come, as the sealant smooths out the surfaces, protecting it from UV degradation, pollution, bird droppings, dirt, and grime.

Self-Standing Screen Cleaners

If you’re looking to speed up your workflow and impress your clients, owning a professional self-standing screen cleaner is a great direction to take. Many of our customers have raved that these neat machines save them time, save them money, and save their backs. But, most importantly, it impresses their customers, and the neighbors, too! Not only are screen cleaners super efficient and effective, but they are eye catching. These attention-grabbing machines are perfect for marketing your business, as you can customize them with your logo, and put on a show for the neighborhood. This product makes window cleaners stand out, acting as a billboard to their services, and drawing attention to their glimmering results. Nothing is more impressive to clients than to see you bust out these super-efficient heavy-duty screen cleaners. Window Cleaning Resource currently offers three brands of screen cleaners, all with a multitude of 5-star reviews. Let’s dive in to talk about their similarities, their differences, and what may make them your next investment.

The XERO Screen Cleaner

The ever-popular XERO Screen Cleaner washes screens easily, quickly, and can clean screens as large as a standard patio door screen. The XERO Screen Cleaner is sturdy and easy to set up; just unfold the legs, plug in your water source to the garden hose threading, and you’re ready to get started. The XERO Screen Cleaner comes equipped with a built-in shutoff valve, four removable and replaceable brushes, and a thin tube on the inside with a cap to provide optimal water pressure to your screens. This screen washer supplies water with a standard garden hose threading. Standing solidly on four aluminum legs and frame, this attention-getter is efficient, attractive, and compact. When using, it is optimal to first spray down your dirty screens down with a soapy solution with approximately twice the amount of soap you’d use for cleaning windows. Let the screens soak for about 5 minutes, run them through the screen washer in a circular motion, tap the water out of the gaps, run it through again to rinse, and take a towel to the edges. You won’t believe how helpful this machine will be to your workflow. Not to mention, the built-in shut off valve allows for water conservation, so you can be eco-friendly while being efficient in time and energy. The XERO Screen cleaner is compact and easy to transport.. It weighs in at just under 12 pounds, contains a footprint of 43-inches x 43-inches, and stands 39-inches tall.

The Aztec Screen Washer

Cut time without sacrificing quality with the Aztec Innovation Screen Washer. Invented by New Mexico-based window cleaner Jared Martinez, who also invented the popular Samurai Bucket On a Belt, this classic, lightweight yet sturdy washer is constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum, and will last you for years to come. Use it the same as you would the XERO Screen Cleaner. A convenient shut-off valve is located beneath the brushes in order to prevent water leakage during transportation. It is compact enough to fit in any vehicle, with a footprint of 43-inches x 43-inches, at 39-inches tall.

The IPC Eagle Screen Washer II

An even more compact option for the window cleaner with a coupe or sedan is the IPC Eagle Screen Washer II. This is the second generation IPC Eagle Screen Washer featuring a smaller footprint with a base of only 27” x 17”. This convenient unit has been built to last. Upgraded with sturdy brass fittings and a steel frame, it is more durable than the IPC Eagle Screen Washer I. Nylon brush bristles set in aluminum channels wash scrub both sides of the screen at once. The spray bar is copper with soldered fittings. This washer also features an added foot pedal to control the flow of water or to turn off the system entirely. This hands-free operation is extremely convenient, as you can use both hands while cleaning screens. Similar to the XERO and the Aztec screen washers, this machine stands vertically, saving your back from injury and limiting your risk of getting your work clothes soaked. Spray your soap solution onto the screens, move them through the unit’s 36-inch dual-brush assembly, then tap, rinse again, and wipe down with a towel. This seamless process makes it easy and expedient for cleaning screens, especially when you’ve got them in bulk. Streamline the way you clean screens, and conserve water all at the same time!

Accessories that will save you even more time

Although you’d definitely benefit from upgrading to a self-standing screen washer, these tried-and-true accessories are a must-have for any window cleaner, traditional or water fed. A wonderful little tool all on its own is the WCR Track Cleaner. With a stack of 5-star reviews, customers rave about how simple yet effective this plastic-bristled tool is. It is long enough so your knuckles don’t scrape against the edge of the window frame, and small and lightweight enough to put in your pocket or take in your bucket. Loosen up dust, debris, spider sacs, fallen bugs, cobwebs, caked-on mud, and more from sills and tracks. This is an essential and inexpensive accessory that can help you remove filth from difficult-to-reach crevices. For removing screens, the Washer’s Paradise Screen King is a handy tool that adds a great deal of assistance. It removes the need to run inside and its bent angle prevents damaging the screen. This tool becomes absolutely necessary when the homeowner is not present and you don’t have access to the inside. It includes a belt clip, a high-quality steel blade, a built-in bottle opener for that end-of-the-day treat, and a flat head screwdriver that is perfect for adjusting the tension on your squeegees and stripwashers. You can also use it to insert screen splines. Do more with fewer tools with this Made-in-USA Washer’s Paradise Screen King. Another amazing tool that won’t damage your customer’s screens is the WCR Screen Removal Tool. Use this plastic tool for exterior-only jobs by inserting it in a loose area of the screen and shimmy it to the top or bottom where it's tighter. This tool allows you to get behind the screen frame and pry it out without needing access to the interior of the home. You want to make sure you have one of these with all your crews to save time and hassle. But, we have to mention: no job is complete without a trusty towel. At WCR we offer New Surgical Towels or Recycled Surgical Towels - which are fantastic if you’re on a budget - as they’ve already been broken in. The Recycled Surgical Towels are softer and contain substantially less lint than the New Surgical Towels. The New, however, are great, too, if you want a fresh slate to break in on your own. These recycled surgical towels have been washed, and they’re ready for a new life as they help you clean windows and almost any kind of surface. Made from a 100% cotton material, these huck towels are super absorbent, and with no lint sticking to surfaces, you can easily attain a squeaky clean. Their affordability will allow you to pick up a 10-pound box and be prepared for the entire season.

Brush away your troubles

If you’re looking for a medium or fine-bristled brush to remove dry dirt and dust from sills and tracks, look no further than the XERO Medium Bristle Dust Brush and XERO Horsehair Fine Bristle Dust Brush. Brush away dirt and dust from screens that haven't seen the likes of a window cleaner like you in way too long with the medium-stiffnessTampico bristles or the fine horsehair bristles. This is intended for handheld use and is great to keep in your bucket.

Want to learn more?

Now that you’ve read up on our wonderful screen-cleaning products, you’re probably eager to get out there and start slicing your workflow in half! But, you may still have some questions on your mind about the differences, similarities, and unique aspects of each product. Don’t sweat it! If there is ever anything you’re unsure about, want to learn more about, or need advice for, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Window Cleaning Resource is here for you 24/7, with the help of our super-friendly window cleaning experts. Having owned their own window cleaning business, too, they have tons of information on window cleaning products, business tips, and more are here even if you want to just talk shop. These cleaners and HUNDREDS more products can be checked out on our fantastic Window Cleaning Resource platforms! For product reviews, discussions, information, and more: Check out our informative YouTube Channel Get advice, share tips, or just talk shop on our Window Cleaning Community Page Shop professional-grade window cleaning chemicals and more at WCR! And most importantly - get out there, believe in yourself, work hard, and don’t forget - the rewards of this career are bountiful - so, have fun! As always, if you have any questions, Window Cleaning Resource provides technical support 24/7. Not only are our technicians friendly and knowledgeable about our products, but most of them own or have owned their own window cleaning business for decades, and are open to fielding any question you may have about window cleaning. Talk to you soon! From, Your friendly experts at Window Cleaning Resource Window Cleaning Resource How Can We Help You Today?
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