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IPC Eagle

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The IPC Screen Washer II is the second generation screen cleaning system from IPC, and it's got some amazing new features. The Screen Washer II has a smaller Footprint than the original with a base of only 27" x 17". The plumbing has been converted to brass to make the unit more rugged and fit in with the solid construction of the steel frame making it a durable design and built to last.

The washing brushes stand vertically, so you no longer have to bend over the machine and limit your risk of getting wet. Lastly, a Foot pedal has added to control the flow of water or completely shut it off. The foot valve provides hands-free operation to control the flow of water to the spray nozzle between screen cleanings.

To use move the screen through the unit's 36" brush assembly. The screen is then flushed with water; both sides of the screen are cleaned simultaneously making your job easier and much quicker.

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  • can you let me know when the IPC Eagle Screen Washer II will be back in stock and if you deliver to Australia? Many thanks Callum

    Hi Callum, this item is shipped from IPC themselves, and unfortunately does not ship internationally. If you're looking for a screen washer, the XERO Screen Cleaner is a great alternative, and we do ship all XERO products anywhere in the world.

    If you have questions about it, please feel free to give us a call and we can help you figure out exactly what you need.

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