Should you Clean Windows on a Sunny Day?

Should you Clean Windows on a Sunny Day?

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Should you clean windows on a sunny day?

Cleaning windows on a sunny day is sometimes a risky situation. You’re up early, ready for the day when the sunlight is beaming on your customer’s glass, heating it up to a high temperature. Although the day might be beautiful and feel amazing on your skin, it will definitely cause a damper on your window cleaning workflow. This is because the glass gets so hot, that it evaporates your soap solution to vapor, drying the soap onto the window, and causing unsightly streaks and marks. It also causes static electricity to form on the glass attracting dust from your towel, which can make any perfectionist feel slumped.

Despite the fact that the lighting is immaculate on a sunny day and you’ll get your dose of vitamin D, the challenge of window cleaning can curb this goodness.

You might be thinking, “Gee, Window Cleaner University, this sure seems abysmal.”

Well, fear not, window cleaner! We’ve got a solution to your “steamy” troubles.

For in this week’s article, we’ll talk about how to take care of the job no matter how high the temperature is.

Beat the Heat with Water Fed Window Cleaning

When the sun is hot and out to play, water fed window cleaning can save the day! Rhyming aside, if you’re a fan of this more modern method of window cleaning, you’re in luck for the summertime (or any time if you’re in the south!)

Cleaning with purified water can make your workflow fly by. In fact, using this method can help immensely, because the more liquid you have to clean with, the better on hotter days. It will prevent the hot window from turning all of that water into vapor, and help you get the shine your customers crave. Just continue rinsing and brushing more than you would on a day under 70°F, and allow the water to dry. If the water is completely purified and all the contaminants have been filtered through, it will dry clear, leaving minimal or zero mineral stains on the glass.

If you’re looking to upgrade your water fed window cleaning game, take the lightweight, 3-stage filtration Alex’s Revolution Kit for a spin. This amazing kit is all-encompassing and features the affordable XERO Pure Revolution System, the XERO Pure Add On Kit, XERO 100' Rubber Hose, and the XERO Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole in your choice of 30, 40, or 50 foot. Not only is it easy on the pocket especially during these times, but you can begin water fed window cleaning as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. This kit is ideal for residential or commercial window cleaners, as it is easy to load in a vehicle or truck. Featuring a carbon filter, RO, and DI filter, you’ll get spot-free water to pump through your choice of the XERO Micro Carbon Fiber Pole.

Leave the ladder at home, as the XERO Micro Carbon Fiber Pole comes in 30, 40, or 50 feet to suit your needs. This pole includes the Tucker Black Hybrid Dual Trim Brush, a matching length of XERO 5/16” hose, and the necessary fittings to hook up your brush. The outer nylon bristles of the brush fan out to the corners of the glass for a silky smooth glide, while the inner bristles get to work scrubbing off caked-on grime. This kit even comes equipped with a 100-foot XERO Rubber Hose to connect your system to your water fed pole.

All of the fittings included in this kit make it easier and smoother to set up and break down while on the job site. So, not only can you beat the heat while cleaning, but get back inside your vehicle and get the fans blasting!

On even the hottest of days, cool yourself down from the frustration of streaks and marks with the power of water fed window cleaning.

Get Quick the Traditional Way

Cleaning the traditional way on sunny days can be disappointing at times. No matter how much you scrub and squeegee, rainbow streaks are leftover, leaving your brow furrowed and head aching. However, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and put aside your differences with the sun.

Luckily, there are surefire ways to get cleaning traditionally, even when the weather is scorching hot, without leaving annoying rainbow streaks! Let’s discuss down below which products are fantastic for keeping it traditional.

The Solution is in… the Solution!

Sometimes your go-to soap solution just doesn’t cut it.

Corny jokes aside, the Cliche Chemicals Hi Slide is the perfect slip or glide additive to your window cleaning solution. Just two to four teaspoons of Hi Slide to your gallon of soap and water solution extends water evaporation time, giving you more quality time to do your due diligence. This secret sauce eliminates blade chatter to reduce wear on your squeegee blade and increases glide. Isn’t that just satisfying?

You can even use Hi Slide when working with razor blades to prevent scratching up the glass. This slippery substance is an absolute gem to keep on hand and will save you from sadness on those sunny days.

Scrubbing Top to Bottom

Reach new heights with the XERO Carbon Fiber Pole - Trad Pole 2.0. Constructed with 100% Carbon Fiber, this pole is not only super lightweight and durable. It’s also perfect for making fast movements on hot days. Since it’s easier on the body than your average aluminum pole, it makes transportation easy, too. Plus, it is non-flexible and highly rigid so you can be accurate when you need it the most. You can even choose your preferred pole tip!

Attach your favorite specialty combination tool to easily flip your method, or do the top-to-bottom method! Let’s get into discussing these two options to figure out what would be best for you.

Utilizing a pole, take your scrubber and saturate it with your solution. Scrub in an up-and-down motion all along the top half of your window. Then, swap it out for your squeegee, and drag the water down in strips. You can also attempt fanning, but in the sunshine, it might be easier to drag your squeegee right down.

Once you reach the bottom, do everything all over again starting from the center of the glass. If you can reach this by hand, you can even follow your stripwasher with your squeegee for a two-handed technique that will help you blast over stubborn streaks.

Now, what’s the best stripwasher for super hot days? Take an extremely fluffy and absorbent stripwasher such as the Unger Complete MonsoonPlus Stripwasher. The MonsoonPlus Stripwasher retains water with its extra-long fibers. As well, the double-stitched ends ensure this washer will last you a long time, and extra scrub pads for those stubborn spots on the glass. Pair it with the ErgoTec T-Bar and lock it onto your extension pole with an Unger tip, and be good to go!

When it comes to the squeegee, you’re going to want a squeegee with hard rubber. Because soft rubber becomes pliable in the heat, it leaves more streaks behind. A great addition to your traditional setup would be the Moerman Excelerator 3.0 Complete Squeegee. Featuring the Moerman 2.0 Excelerator Handle and the 3.0 Liquidator Channels with the year-round weight Moerman NXT-R rubber, you can switch back and forth from fixed and swivel motion to work by hand or on your pole for optimal results, even in the heat!

Flipping Your Way to the Finish with Specialty Squeegee/Scrubbers

When you’re battling the sun for the best shine, using a combination tool is a fantastic choice when cleaning windows. This is because you can quickly and seamlessly flip your scrubber to the squeegee side and eliminate any streaks and debris quickly and easily. This might almost be easier than swapping out your squeegee and stripwasher, and can be more cost-effective, too!

If you’d like to get the most bang for your back and still defeat the sun in a daytime battle, the Ettore Stainless Steel Backflip Specialty Squeegee will be your best weapon. This amazing tool can be used together so you can scrub and squeegee in one pass, or can be set up so you scrub, flip, and squeegee. Not only will you save yourself time while cleaning, but you have options to play with to discover what method is best for you.

There are so many ways for you to become the champion on hot sunny days! So, wear your badge of honor loudly and proudly by taking your window cleaning game to the next level.

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