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Regular price $2,794.78 USD
Regular price $2,794.78 USD Sale price $2,794.78 USD
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About the Alex's Pure Kit

Assembled by Alex at WCR, the Alex Pure Kit features the affordable XERO Pure System, the XERO Pure Add On Kit, XERO 100' Rubber Hose, and the XERO Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole in your choice of 30, 40, or 50 foot. Affordable and durable, you can start window cleaning in no time with this awesome kit.


Inexpensive and easy to use, the XERO Pure Purification System is great for a beginner, residential, or commercial window cleaner. Built for simplicity, the three-stage system is lightweight and compact, making it easy to get around and travel with. The three stages of filtration include a carbon filter, RO, and DI to guarantee spot-free results. The system is able to power one user on one pole with no pump or electricity needed making it super convenient to use when you don't have full access at a work site.

XERO Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole 

Get your hands on a lightweight, compact carbon fiber pole without breaking your budget! The XERO Micro Carbon Fiber Pole comes in three lengths to suit your needs. Avoid all-day trips up and down a ladder and efficiently clean windows from ground level by simply hooking your pole to your system to purify source water to leave a spotless finish on windows. This pole includes a 12-inch XERO Hybrid Brush, pole hose measured to the length of your size choice pole PLUS 10 extra feet, and necessary fittings to hook up your brush. The brush features a dual trim design that allows the outer nylon bristles to open out to corners and edges providing a smooth glide while inner bristles fight off grime on the glass. The two pencil jets blast away the dirt as you work. The bolt-on clamps securely hold extended sections in place while you work and are easy to adjust.

XERO Rubber Hose 3/8 Inch - 100 Foot

Use your 100' XERO Rubber Hose to connect your system to your water fed pole. Its made with durable brass fittings and lightweight PVC rubber that can handle a temperature range of 25° to 150°. The hose color may vary from pictures.

XERO Pure Add On Kit

Add this 6-foot hose to your system to help drain water farther away from the system. Made with the same hose material as the XERO rubber hose, it can withstand the same temperature range and has a 3/8" inner diameter. It comes with a Garden Hose Brass Cap used to seal up the waste valve. This cap will prevent leaking or draining during transit or when the system is not in use and it also comes with two Garden Hose Quick Connect Sets. This brass male and female set are used at the inlet and outlet of the system for a faster set up and break down while working on site.

Learn how to winterize your system here!


  • XERO Pure Purification System
  • XERO Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole
  • 12 Inch XERO Hybrid Brush - Fast Lock
  • XERO Rubber Hose 3/8" - 100 Foot*
  • XERO Pure Add On Kit

*Hose Color May Vary


Questions & Answers

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  • What is the minimum and maximum flow rate for this equipment?

    Great question! This kit includes the XERO Pure, which can run on as little as 30psi, and the max recommendation is 100-120 psi.

  • You don't have to squeegee? Do you have to use a detergent first?

    Nope! Pure Water is all you need! We'd be happy to chat with you about how it works ay 862-266-0677 or you can learn more HERE

  • Will this system run a 50ft water pole efficiently?

    Yes, it will! It also never hurts to add a booster pump to your setup just in case the tap water pressure is low from your source.

  • how high can you wash windows with this rig? i have been cleaning windows for 30 years traditionally but i just got a job that requires a waterfed system. thank you

    It greatly depends upon the incoming source volume and pressure. But we can safely say 40' on average

  • When you buy this kit, the resin is it include or need to buy separately?

    All of our XERO systems come equipped with resin. Alex's Pure Kit does, too.

  • How often do I have to change filters and resin on this system and the cost

    Once your TDS meter starts reading above what you're used to (0-10), then it is time to change the resin and filters. The cost will depend on how often you change them which also depends on the area you live in.

  • What's the interest rate and the term for 62.00 a month

    Hey Chris, please call 862-266-0677 and someone can work with you to go over the options available.

  • Does this system have a carbon filter

    Hi Chris, yes it does.

  • Is the system come with everything ready to work

    Yes it does!

  • how big is the resin tank?

    Hi, the resin tank is 10 inches.

  • can you use virgin resin to refill di tank?


  • how big is the DI tank

    5" x 10" x 14"

  • would I be able to run two water fed poles with this unit at the same time?

    Hi Oscar, we would recommend the XERO Pure Revolution MAX if you're looking to run two poles. https://windowcleaner.com/xero-pure-revolution-max

  • Are the filters included with the purchase? Or do you have to buy it separately

    Hi JT, the RO/DI housing components do come with this kit. You don't need to buy them separately until you want to replace them.

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Product Name Color Pole Type XERO Base Pole XERO Universal Extension Weight-Lbs Weight-Grams Number Of Sections
XERO Micro Pole - 30 Foot Black Modular Scopic 30 Foot Micro Pole None 5.48 1,938 9
XERO Micro Pole - 40 Foot Black Modular Scopic 30 Foot Micro Pole One 10 Foot Extension 6.47 2,938 11
XERO Micro Pole - 50 Foot Black Modular Scopic 30 Foot Micro Pole Two 10 Foot Extensions 8.68 3,938 13