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Is it Worth Getting Gutters Cleaned?

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When the snow thaws in the springtime and the trees run bare before winter, homeowners everywhere know the pains that clogged gutters can cause to their houses and, unfortunately, to their bodies when trying to clean them without professional help. Since homeowners tend to lack the skills and tools to do this properly, they’re often left with the burdens of clogged downspouts, water leaking into the basement, cracks in the foundation, or standing water in the gutters attracting breeding mosquitoes. One of the most pressing reasons it’s worth it to get your gutters cleaned is because clogged downspouts and gutters can cause ice to build up over time, creating costly damages, or water overflowing during a major storm, which can affect various areas of the home.

During the early spring and late fall, there’s an urgent need in the marketplace for gutter cleaning, which makes a great opportunity for window cleaners. Window cleaners have the power to do gutters all over the world a favor by “cleaning up” their reputation, all while gaining repeat customers and a stacked income by doing so. If you already clean windows for a living, cleaning gutters is a simple add-on service to include due to your experience on a ladder, expertise using a pole, and the resilience you’ve already built up by working with dirt and grime.

In this week’s Window Cleaner University article, we’ll talk about how worth-it it is to add gutter cleaning to your arsenal for your customers and your business.

Bulk Your Spring and Fall Schedule

One of the reasons why it’s worth it to get gutters clean for window cleaners is it helps them add more services to their schedules and build up their customer base. The best times to schedule appointments for servicing gutters are after the frost of winter thaws in the springtime and after all the leaves have fallen by the end of autumn. Especially if you’re nervous about losing glass-related business in the winter months, gutter cleaning just before the snow falls can help your company generate extra income as a financial buffer. Mailing your advertising materials before these times is optimal so people can pre-schedule their appointments. Peak gutter cleaning season occurs from November 1st - December 31st to ensure that all the leaves have fallen and that just rainwater and snow will enter them, which, when gutters are clean, either freeze in a thin layer or simply flows through. If you need designs for your marketing materials, contact WCR for our Custom Design Services. Our team can design exactly what you need to let your customers know how you can help.

Great Tools for Gutter Cleaning

Another reason why it is worth getting gutters cleaned is because it adds another skill set to a window cleaner’s toolbelt without having to buy many more pieces of gear. Now, options are available for both more traditional window cleaning ladder lovers, as well as carbon fiber water fed pole enthusiasts. The favorite brand Metallic Ladder makes stackable parts to build and customize your own unstoppable setup. Since many of you traditional window cleaners out there already have a convenient arrangement, getting into gutter cleaning this way will be seamless.

Adding tools to your arsenal, such as the Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool, can help add length to your reach and be more effective, safer, and not to mention, less gross than using your hands. The Gutter Sense tool works best for flat gutters. Simply twist it onto a short pole with an acme threaded tip such as the XERO J2 Extension Pole or the XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0 while on a ladder to make cleaning gutters go by quickly and be lightweight on your shoulders. This simple, affordable tool acts as a pair of tongs that grabs out larger pieces of debris with its 2.5” wide paddles, wire, and rope pulley system.

Another product you can screw onto your traditional extension pole is the Gutter Tool Spoon. This tool is best used for rounded gutters, and it has a rounded bottom. It also filters out liquid through its holes and keeps debris in between its walls. This combination will allow you to scoop mud, leaves, and more at an angle that is most optimal for your needs.

Last but not least, the XERO Gutter Gizmo is sure to save you time and spare you the hassle of readjusting and climbing up and down your ladder. This tool can be attached to the end of any ACME threaded extension pole and allows you to pull the gutter debris toward you and push it under the gutter hangers that get in the way.

However, for those who prefer working from the safety of the ground, XERO has introduced the XERO Carbon Fiber Gutter Pole that emulates just that. When paired with the IPC Eagle Gutter Vacuum, this gutter-cleaning setup is hard to compete with. XERO’s 30-foot carbon fiber pole features an elbow-angled top piece connected to a diagonally-sliced vacuum tip. The angled arm allows you to rest the tip onto the top of the gutters evenly and has the perfect amount of surface area to suck up all of the debris into the IPC Eagle Gutter Vacuum’s roomy 17-gallon tank. You can remain securely on the ground while cleaning with this method and drop pole sections when needed. The IPC Eagle vacuum itself has a 2” x 25’ standard hose that connects snuggly to the flexible silicone reducer at the base of the pole. Two large wheels at the base, a metal handle with rubber grips for pushing, and a tipping cart make transporting and emptying the vacuum tank seamless. Traditional and water fed window cleaners alike will have a hard time not falling in love with this gutter cleaning configuration.

Offer to Install Gutter Guards or Screens

A further reason it is worth it to get gutters cleaned is to keep the customer safe from costly damage to their home. If the customer doesn't have gutter guards or screens, then they’re going to have clogged gutters time and time again. Consider offering a free gutter cleaning with a gutter guard installation. Since the gutter guards themselves can easily cost over $150 for a 20-pack, depending on the size of the home, this can be a very profitable service to provide and very helpful for the homeowner in the long haul. The free gutter cleaning won’t be a time waster, either, as you’d have to clean them anyway before installing the gutter guards. You might be thinking: won’t this make it so the customer won’t need me anymore for gutter cleaning jobs? Although gutter guards dramatically reduce the amount of debris that gets into gutters, they cannot keep everything out, such as seeds, insects, and small pieces of dirt. You will not be made obsolete by gutter screens and will actually build trust by having the customer’s back. To explain the gutter guard installation, let them know that in case a storm hits and blows high amounts of dirt and debris around on the off-seasons, they will be protected from costly home improvements from potential damage. Build trust with a customer and help them out by providing this necessary service. You want to make sure they know that you have their backs.

An affordable option as well, if the customer doesn’t want the entire length of their gutters covered with screens, is by grabbing a 4-pack of GAIM Wedge Gutter Guards. This will allow the downspouts to stay open and debris-free, will be more economical for the customer, and time-saving for you. Having an array of options helps keep every kind of customer in mind, which is your best bet when looking to make and keep long-term clients.


Beautify the Home by Removing Gutter Stains

Gutter cleaning is also worth it because the customer’s home can be made beautiful, which is especially helpful if they’re looking to sell. Once the insides of the gutters have been cleaned, oftentimes there will be stains on their exterior, which doesn’t cause damage to the home but makes it lack curb appeal. Xterior Gutter Zap Gutter Stain Remover is a 100% biodegradable chemical that’s the perfect final step to your gutter cleaning services. This specialized concentrate has been developed to remove the unsightly black streaks that appear on gutters because of the electrostatic bonding of dirt, grime, and acid rain runoff from rooftops. Spray a diluted solution of this chemical with a ratio of 1:3 on the affected areas, lightly agitate with a brush, and rinse clean with water. This works wonders on aluminum, vinyl, copper, and stainless steel gutters and will be the perfect finishing touch to polish off your hard work.

Multi-Step Gutter Cleaning Process That’s Fast, Easy, and Lucrative

So window cleaners, would you say gutter cleaning is worth it? We would say absolutely. Gutter cleaning can be a convenient “side hustle” to your normally-scheduled window cleaning workflow. Add these gutter cleaning tools to your arsenal, help your customers avoid pesky clogged downspouts and expensive home repairs, and keep them for life.

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