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About the Xterior Gutter Zap Gutter Stain Remover

The specialized Gutter Zap Concentrate is a revolutionary cleaner developed to remove those unsightly black streaks on gutters caused by the electrostatic bonding of dirt, grime, and acid rain runoff from roofs. Upsell your gutter cleaning services from just removing debris to shining up the outside of gutters for greater curb appeal on your clients' homes.

Clean touchless by spraying on and rinsing off, or use light agitation with a soft brush for tougher stains. Apply with an applicator for the best result. Special sheeting agents allow for easier rinsing. Depending on the strength you need, dilute half and half or one part product to three parts water.

This environmentally safe cleaner is 100% biodegradable and also works to remove heavy solids, dirt, and industrial stains. It can be used on aluminum or vinyl siding, concrete, floors, stainless steel, soap scum, or for spot cleaning.

1121 1121-5
Manufacturer Part Number1121

Questions & Answers

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  • Does it hurt shingles

    When properly diluted this product is safe for use on gutters in close proximity to shingles*. Alwasy be sure to rinse well when using any chemical, even when they are biodegradable.

  • Can it be applied with a sprayer, let soak, then removed with a power washer?

    Yes. It may be best however to use a brush to scrub it away.

  • This product is safe on grass

    Hi Miriam, it's not "safe" on anything that is not very very well pre-soaked, like totally saturated. It will stain / kill just about anything it lands on. The area under and around should be completely wet-down and rinsed throughly after the user moves on. I recommend that only a few feet of gutter is done at a time. Pre-soak, apply and scrub, rinse like heck, then move on. It is safe to say that it will NOT be safe to use on grass unless completely saturated with water before and after.

  • Can you put Gutter Zap in a pressure washer?

    No, do not put Gutter Zap into a pressure washer. It needs to be applied straight with a brush.

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