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About the XERO Universal Extension

Use the XERO Universal Extension to add 10 feet to any 9-section XERO Pole. This durable extension is made from lightweight carbon fiber. It has two sections that extend to add 10 feet of actual length to your water fed pole. Simply slide it over the bottom section of your pole and close the clamp to secure it. A red warning lets you know if you are overextending it. Keep this handy tool in your truck for when jobs surprise you and you need a little extra height. Not sure if this is compatible with your water fed pole? Reach out to our product specialists via a phone call or chat to learn more.


  • Fits on 9 Section XERO Poles
  • 2 sections extend to 10 feet
  • Made from Carbon Fiber
  • Add and remove from your pole as necessary
  • Clamps secure it to your pole and allow you to extend it

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  • sir does this fit the zero carbon fiber 2.0 pole(New guy)thanks

    The Universal extension is a #10 section. Thus, it fits onto any Xero Micro pole (9 section pole). To fit onto a Xero PRO pole: Use the Universal Kit. If you have a 30' PRO pole, use the 30' kit, a 40' PRO pole - 40' kit. After installing the kit onto Xero Pro poles and first extension, attach JUST the Universal Extension thereafter.

  • Does this fit the reach it mini? If so how many extensions can I add.

    No, it does not. However, the Xero line has many options for poles, on which the Universal extensions will fit.

  • How much does this weight?

    2lbs exactly.

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