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Regular price $599.00 USD
Regular price $599.00 USD Sale price $599.00 USD
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About the XERO Solar Pole

Here to revolutionize the solar panel cleaning industry is the all-new XERO Solar Pole. This innovative pole boasts a hybrid water-fed brush, specially designed to deliver unparalleled cleaning performance for solar panels. With the flexibility to switch between two distinct water flow configurations, it adapts seamlessly to various cleaning requirements. Complete with essential fittings, this pole combines convenience and efficiency, ensuring you can easily maintain solar panels.

The Pole

Available in 18, 24, and 30-foot lengths, the XERO Solar Pole is made with a mix of carbon fiber and glass fiber. While the inner sections of these poles utilize carbon fiber to maintain lightness and durability, the 5, 7, and 9 sections use glass fiber to be as close to nonconductive as possible. 

This pole is made to be adaptive for different-sized jobs. For example, if you buy the 30 foot pole to start with, you can remove sections to turn it into the 24 or 18 foot pole. To get to the 24 from the 30, simply remove the top two sections. The now outermost section is also made from glass fiber and has an end defender so it won't get chewed up if you set it down on concrete. To step down again, just remove another two sections. This also means you can level up if you don't have the budget or need for the full 30 foot pole to start with.

These poles are made with durable bolt-on clamps so if anything happens to one, it can easily be replaced. The clamps are easy to use and securely hold extended sections in place while you work. The end of this pole features a plastic end defender so your pole won't get damaged from rough surfaces.

Each pole comes with 100 feet of XERO High Flow Hose, allowing you to achieve greater water flow. This kink-free hose has a 1/4-inch inner diameter with a 3/8-inch outer diameter and comes with a high-flow quick connect. You'll also receive a XERO Fast Lock Angle Adapter to attach your brush and adjust it to the perfect angle.

The Brush

In order to perfectly complement such a spectacular pole, XERO designed a brand-new hybrid brush. This 23-inch brush features outer nylon bristles to allow smooth gliding across the solar panels and inner boar hair bristles to target and scrub stubborn grime and debris. For added convenience, this brush uses a Fast Lock Block Attachment.

This brush allows you to switch between two rinsing options. Either blast those solar panels with pure water utilizing the six built-in jets, or configure your hose to utilize the dual rinse bars - the choice is yours!  Each rinse bar is about 12 inches long and will provide a steady flow of water over the length of your brush.

Seamlessly connect the XERO High Flow Hose to the plumbing on your brush by inserting it into the included straight reducers. These push-to-fit fittings are easy to use and allow you to quickly switch between the jet and rinse bar configurations.

XERO Warranty


  • Three Sizes 
  • Glass Fiber Outer Section
  • Carbon Fiber Inner Sections 
  • 23" Hybrid Brush
  • Durable
  • 100' of High Flow Hose
  • Fast Lock Angle Adapter
  • 6 Brush Jets
  • Two 12" Rinse Bars

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  • is the bottom section non conductive?

    The bottom sections of each size (sections 5, 7, and 9) are a mix of fiberglass, so they are less conductive.

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