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Regular price $649.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $649.00 USD
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About the XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

The XERO line of Water Fed Poles offers this affordable version of the XERO Pro Carbon Fiber Pole. The XERO Pro Basic Pole comes in three lengths to suit your needs. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a lightweight carbon fiber pole without busting your budget.

Water Fed window cleaning is an efficient way to clean windows from the ground. Avoid multiple trips up and down a ladder and having to carry your bucket while working many stories up. Simply hook your pole to a pure water system to purify source water to leave a spotless finish on windows.

This pole includes the 12-inch XERO Hybrid Brush with the Fast Lock socket attachment. This brush features a dual trim design that allows outer nylon bristles to splay out to corners and edges while inner boars hair bristles agitate grime on the glass. Two pencil jets blast away dirt as you work. The nylon bristles provide excellent glide.

Also included in this package is a hose the length of your pole plus 10 feet and the necessary fittings to hook up your brush, such as the XERO Fast Lock system, which makes swapping brushes a lot faster.

The clamps on the XERO Pro Basic Water Fed Pole bolt-on so if anything happens to one, it can easily be replaced without messy glue. These durable clamps are easy to use and securely hold extended sections in place while you work. The end of this pole features a plastic end defender so even when you don't have a base cap, your pole won't get chewed up by pavement.

Still have more questions about the XERO Pro Basic Pole? Reach out to our helpful product specialists for all the answers on water fed window cleaning.

*Hose Color May Vary


  • Choose from 30 Foot up to 50 Foot
  • Made from Carbon Fiber
  • Most affordable pole in the Pro Series
  • Includes Brush, Hose, and Fittings
  • Easy to use clamps

Questions & Answers

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  • Does a DI tank come with the purchase? Is it necessary to buy a DI tank to achieve good results with this item?

    Hi Michael! A DI Tank does NOT come with a waterfed pole, but you can purchase a DI Tank Kit HERE. To achieve the desired spot-free results, you would need a DI tank or pure water system depending on your TDS.

  • I utilize all Tucker heads that simply slide into pole and the clamp tightens them in place. Does this pole have the same option for utilizing my current equipment?

    Yes, XERO Water Fed Poles currently come with a Tucker Boar's Hair Brush and are compatible with your current Tucker equippment set up. If you are trying to decide on the perfect waterfed pole set up, you can give us a call at 862-266-0677 to discuss which option best suits you.

  • Can you use this with a water hose or do you have to have a pure water system ?

    The desired results will not be achieved, we would not recommend this.

  • Can it be used for trad work with an Unger tip?

    We would reccomend using the XERO Carbon Fiber Trad pole for trad work.

  • Can it hook up to a water fed hose?

    Yes, it can. If you're new to the world of window cleaning or just have some questions, feel free to reach out to our product specialists. They've worked in the field for years and can give you advice.


  • What is the length of each Pole collapsed? Could it fit in a vehicle?

    The collapsed lengths for each are:
    - 30 Foot: 74.5 Inches
    - 40 Foot: 82 Inches
    - 50 Foot: 85 Inches

    Yes, they can definitely fit in a vehicle.

  • Is the brush this pole comes with 18 inches? Is it completely Nylon or mixed with Boar's Hair?

    The XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Poles come with a 12" Tucker Black Hybrid Dual Trim Brush which has a majority of natural boars hair bristles surrounded by nylon bristles.

  • Do the clamps come glued to the pole?

    Nope! All XERO poles now come with bolt-on clamps. They're easier to swap out and far less messy than glue on ones.

  • Are the replacement clamps expensive?

    Clamps for the XERO Pro Basic are not expensive at all. They are only $4.99 a piece at the time of this post.

  • How much hose can I expect with my pole?

    You'll get hose for the length of your pole, plus an additional ten feet, in one single cut.

  • Can I use a brush that's not the one included with the pole?

    The great thing with water fed poles is that they are very mix and match friendly. You might love the XERO Pole, but really prefer the Tucker Alpha Brush. Once you get your pole, you can swap out the included brush with your old favorite as long as it has the standard Euro threads.

  • What brush comes on the Pro Basic?

    The XERO Pro Basic is shipping with a Tucker Black Dual Trim Hybrid Brush at the moment. They are 12" long with two jets.

  • Do I get a warranty with this pole?

    XERO poles come with a great warranty that is valid for 6 years!

  • Is there any protection on the end of this pole?

    The XERO Pro Basic comes with an end cap to help protect the end from scrapes and scuffs while you work.

  • Could I make this pole longer or shorter?

    You could add a XERO Universal Extension to the 30' or 40' versions of this pole to make it longer down the road. We highly recommend stepping up to the XERO Pro 3K or Gold poles if you will be working above 50 feet.

  • How long is the actual length of these poles?

    The actual length of these poles is 1 foot shorter than their name, for example, the 30-foot pole is in fact 29 feet.

  • What type of carbon fiber is this pole made of?

    The Pro Basic Poles are designed to be the most affordable option in the Pro Line. They are made from your standard carbon fiber. If you wanted a Hi-Mod pole, you could look at the XERO Pro 3K or Pro Gold poles.

  • How much does the pole weigh?

    If you weigh these poles without the hose or brush, the 30 foot pole is about 4 lbs, the 40 foot pole is 5.5 lbs, and the 50 foot is 8 lbs.

  • How many sections are on the 40' pole?

    There are 8 sections on the Pro Basic 40 Foot Pole. The 30' has 6 and the 50' has 10.

  • Can this pole go beyond 50 foot or is that the max?

    If you are considering going above 50 feet, we highly recommend the Pro Gold or the Pro 3k.

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Product Name Material Actual Length Type Pole Weight - Lbs Pole Weight - Grams Compacted - No Brush Number of Sections
XERO Pro Basic - 30 Carbon Fiber 29 Feet Telescopic 4.27 1,938 74.5 Inches 6
XERO Pro Basic - 40 Carbon Fiber 39 Feet Telescopic 5.70 2,856 82 Inches 8
XERO Pro Basic - 50 Carbon Fiber 49 Feet Telescopic 8.60 3,904 85 Inches 10