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Tis the season to hang Holiday Lights! Deck those halls the easy way with a XERO Holiday Light Pole. Make the most of the end of the year by banking those extra jobs hanging Christmas Lights when window cleaning season freezes up.

What makes these poles so special?

The XERO Holiday Light Pole isn't just an ordinary pole you'll find at a hardware store. They are made of tough, lightweight carbon fiber with collapsible sections. If you are over frozen hands, you'll appreciate the carbon fiber even more. It doesn't hold the cold like aluminum poles do. The benefit of the extending sections is that you can choose to work at the length that is best suited for your job. Don't need a full 50-foot pole? Then only extend a few sections. The longest pole is still only 77 inches when closed. That makes it easy to maneuver and transport in your truck. The sections are easy to open and close as you work so you can constantly adjust for extra tall pines or first level gutters. The durable bolt-on clamps are easy to change should anything happen to them. You'll find they are easy to operate even in the chilly weather and when you have gloves on.

What else do you get besides a pole?

You get a hook attachment to help you maneuver lights way up high. It connects to the Acme threaded pole tip.

What about after the holidays are over?

When the weather warms up again, you can take this pole and convert it for use as a traditional extension pole or a water fed pole with the Deluxe Upgrade Kit. Making your equipment do double duty lets you put more money in the bank without having to shell out for a bunch of tools.

Putting up Holiday Lights might be the perfect add-on for your business. Don't be a Scrooge, and give it a try with a XERO Holiday Light Pole and feel the joy of the season with heavier pockets.

Check out the differences below:

Product Name Actual Length Collapsed Length Number of Sections Weight*
XERO Holiday Light Pole - 8 Foot 8 Foot 52.75 2 1 lb
XERO Holiday Light Pole - 12 Foot 12 Foot 53.75 3 1.5 lb
XERO Holiday Light Pole - 16 Foot 16 Foot 55 4 2 lb
XERO Holiday Light Pole - 20 Foot 20 Foot 57.25 5 2.7 lb
XERO Holiday Light Pole - 30 Foot 29 Foot 70 6 4 lb
XERO Holiday Light Pole - 40 Foot 39 Foot 71 8 5.5 lb
XERO Holiday Light Pole - 50 Foot 49 Foot 77 10 8 lb

*Weight does not include pole tip and hook attachment.


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  • Do I get a 12 year limited warranty or a 12 year full warranty?

    Hi! The XERO Warranty is simple, and the best in the business. The warranty covers pole sections and clamps for a full 12 years. There is no fine print, and no hassle. You can learn more about it, and how to file a claim right HERE.

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