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Regular price $2,220.15 USD
Regular price Sale price $2,220.15 USD
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About the XERO Gutter Vac Pack

Are you prepared to redefine your gutter cleaning services and go from "average joe" to "gutter pro?"

The quintessential XERO Gutter Vac Pack will take your gutter cleaning services to the best they can be. This incredible kit features the powerful IPC Eagle Gutter Vacuum that flaunts 3 vacuum motors with individual switches, a tipping cart for easy emptying, four wheels for swift maneuvering throughout your job site, a 2"x25' standard hose, and so much more. This durable vacuum is made with the highest quality materials and is built to outlast season after season.

Constructed with 100% carbon fiber and featuring a working height of up to 30 feet is the XERO Carbon Fiber Gutter Pole Set. This modular pole is simple but far from basic. It features a flexible silicone reducer at the base that perfectly clings onto the IPC Eagle Gutter Vacuum's hose. A specially cut hose end plugs into an elbow-angled gooseneck to easily reach the toughest of gutter angles. The #10 clamps can be replaced in a snap if one gets damaged, and you can seamlessly swap out the 6 pieces of pole for adding or removing length.

No matter what gutter job you're going to face this season, bring home the bacon with the XERO Gutter Vac Pack.

*Please note that this item is NOT returnable if it has been used or tested.


  • Polyester HEPA Filter Cartridge
  • 17 Gallon Tank
  • Powerful Suction
  • 100% Carbon Fiber 30' Pole

Questions & Answers

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  • How much just for the whone

    If you would like to purchase a XERO Gutter Pole, or the IPC Eagle Gutter Vac on its own, you can! Grab the XERO  Gutter Pole HERE, and the Gutter Vac HERE.

  • What size generator would be needed to run this?

    To run the IPC Eagle Gutter Vac, we would suggest a 2500 Watt Inverter Generator, which will supply you with plenty of power, and also run a bit quieter than a regular generator. This unit does boast three motors to maximize suction, and might pop breakers at customers' homes.

  • What are the power requirements for the vacuum

    You can check out THIS VIDEO for a full breakdown of this vacuum

  • Hello, What is the length of the hose that connects from the vacuum to the xero gutter pole?

    a 2" x 25' standard hose is incuded with this kit

  • How much suction power does it have?

    267 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)

  • Is there a way to drain water out the bottom? A plug or drain hose of some kind?

    There is no drain, to empty it needs to be tipped forward. There is a pivot point for dumping.

  • What is the filter made out of? Some kind of cloth?

    It features a polyester HEPA filter cartridge.

  • How much does this weigh (not including the hose)?

    The IPC Eagle Gutter Vac is 55 pounds and the XERO Carbon Fiber Gutter Pole is 6.70 pounds.

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