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About the While You're Up There Kit

Picture this: you're at the top of your ladder doing some cleaning when the customer asks, "Hey, while you're up there can you just...?" From lightbulb changes to touching up skylights, your customers always want to slip in just a little something extra, "since you have the ladder out" and all. 

With the While You're Up There Kit, chances are you'll have everything you need and more while bobbling in the stratosphere on your ladder. We've included the Unger Bebbe, dusters, bulb changers, and more to make you a one-stop-shop for all those extras your customers ask you to do.

These tools can all be attached to the Unger OptiLoc Extension pole that extends to 18 feet for those really tall ceilings. The Unger Bebe can be used to remove broken lightbulbs from sockets. The Flood Sucker and Sticky Fingers Bulb Changers can help you with intact bulbs that need to get swapped out. The Pro Ceiling Fan Duster cleans up all that gross dust that collects on top of fan blades and the Lambs Wool Duster can be used to clean high trim and get rid of cobwebs.

Use the Maykker Handy Sleeve and T-Bar to attach the included Squeegee Life Towels if you need to do a quick touchup on drips or clean skylights. You can even attach the walnut or white scrub pads if there's something that needs a little extra elbow grease. Or you can attach the pads to the TechnoPad Handle for working on larger areas.

*The TechnoPad has a good, secure fit on all major cones and tips but, will not fit on the Ettore Pole tip or Unger Wooden Cone.


  • Unger OptiLoc Extension Pole 3 Section - 18 Foot x 1
  • Unger Bebbe x 1
  • Unger Flood Sucker Bulb Changer x 1
  • Unger Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer x 1
  • Unger Lambs Wool Duster x 1
  • Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster x 1
  • Maykker Swivel 6-Inch T-Bar x 1 (Temporary Substitution for Pulex Swivel T-Bar 6-Inch)
  • Maykker Handy 6-Inch Sleeve x 1
  • Squeegee Life Towel x 2
  • IPC Eagle TechnoPad with Green Handle x 1 
  • XERO Walnut Scrub Pads x 2
  • XERO White Scrub Pads x 2


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