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About the Unger HydroPower Ultra 3-Stage

The Unger Ultra 3-Stage System utilizes DI Resin to purify water so you can leave spotless windows. This system is one of the easiest and most efficient to use. Hook up your source water, pole hose, and you're ready to go.

How Does It Work?

Water filters in through the three levels of DI Resin removing contaminants and impurities. The long-lasting resin produces more pure water than the original HydroPowers. The unique FloWater technology developed by Unger prevents water from channeling through only part of the resin. Instead, it is forced to saturate all of the resin, increasing the life of the resin and its efficiency. 

Filter Changes

The FastLock opening allows for hassle-free access to the unit to change filters. The self-locking mechanism features a pressure release valve for safety. The quick-change resin bags make it easy to pull out the old ones and place in new ones. They are even color-coded to make it easier. Use the TDS meter on the top of the unit to monitor water quality so you know when your resin needs replacing.

These systems are ideal for users in soft water areas. Not sure if it's right for you or want to learn more? We're happy to help! Give us a call or use our chat today to talk to a product specialist.

Manufacturer Part NumberUHP03

Questions & Answers

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  • Can I use diferents brand poles

    Sure can!

  • Can use in solar panel

    Pure water is a great option for cleaning solar panels!

  • What does the 3 stage weigh without the cart

    Without the cart is it aproximately 65lbs, so we would not reccomend using without the cart.

  • Anyone know how much the 3 stage with the cart weighs in comparison to the single stage?

    The 3-stage with cart weighs 73 pounds while the single stage weighs 22 pounds.

  • Can you run two poles off this system?


  • How long between before yu have to change the resin filters for 1 and 3 stage units. Thanks.

    Please see our Production Estimate Chart listed under each of the Hydropower systems.

  • Can I use booster pump for this system? To get more water pressure?

    Yes you can hook it up between the water source and the hydropower, max 90 psi


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Check out this Production Estimate Chart:

Water Hardness Output in Gallons Working Hours*
Soft< 100 TDS > 1600 > 41
Medium100 - 250 TDS 1050 - 1600 10.25 - 28.2
Hard250 - 400 TDS 350 - 1050 8.9 - 10.25
Very Hard> 400 TDS < 350 < 8.9

*Working Hours: based on 39 gallons per hour. All values based on TDS of 10 as maximum for Pure Water Quality.