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About the Unger HydroPower Ultra 3-Stage with Cart

Clean windows up to 55 feet off the ground with the Unger HydroPower Ultra System and your waterfed pole. The HydroPower Ultra DI Pure Water System produces 100% pure water through a process of ion exchange. As source water travels through the resin, it is purified of minerals and contaminants, enabling it to dry spot free on windows without any wiping or polishing.


This system uses easy-to-change Ultra Resin Bags that are filled with premium ultra resin. They produce 30% more pure water than the standard HydroPower resin and systems. The FloWater Technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack guarantees an efficient flow of water through the entire tank to optimize the resin saturation. The color-coded system and key lock feature allow you to install the resin correctly.


Monitor the water quality with a push of a button on the TDS meter that sits atop the unit. The water connection point has a quick-fit connector for fast setup and a shut-off valve to prevent leaks in transport. It also has a pre-installed dynamic control for optimal water flow at all times. The system is outfitted with a FastLock quick-fit fastener that makes the tank easy to open and close. It has a safe, self-locking mechanism with a pressure-relief valve.

As an upgrade from the Ultra 3-Stage, this unit includes a cart for easy transportation. Now you can easily roll the Ultra 3-Stage around your shop or the job site to produce the pure water you need for spotless windows.


  • Includes easy-to-maneuver cart
  • Produces Pure Water with DI Resin
  • Great for Low TDS Areas
  • Built-in TDS meter to monitor water quality

Check out this Production Estimate Chart:

Water Hardness Output in Gallons Working Hours*
Soft < 100 TDS > 1600 > 41
Medium 100 - 250 TDS 1050 - 1600 10.25 - 28.2
Hard 250 - 400 TDS 350 - 1050 8.9 - 10.25
Very Hard > 400 TDS < 350 < 8.9


*Working Hours based on 39 gallons per hour. All values are based on a TDS of 10 as the maximum for Pure Water Quality.

Manufacturer Part NumberUHP3C

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