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About the Sörbo Starter Kit

Sörbo tools are loved by window cleaners for their durability and efficiency. Get your hands on these essential starter pieces to start or better your window cleaning journey.


The Sörbo Belt is a heavy-duty nylon belt, perfect to carry your new tools. It has three built-in loops for tool storage and is adjustable. Slide on the Dual Holster to carry your squeegees. The soft material won't ding or knick your rubber and you can keep them in horizontal or vertical positions. Use the Steel Wool Holster to keep your abrasives handy and protect yourself from rust stains. The adjustable scaper will help you get rid of stubborn, stuck-on spots on the glass and the extra blades mean you're set for a while.


Every great window cleaner needs a reliable squeegee and scrubber to get through the days. This kit includes various sizes of the Sörbo Swivel T-Bar and Yellow Jacket Sleeve. The swivel action on the T-bar makes it easy to get corners and edges. The absorbent yellow jacket sleeve just snaps on your t-bar and you're ready to soap up windows. The Quicksilver Squeegee Channels are a wide body style with 40° angled tips to help you avoid hitting window frames. Snap the size you want into one of the Swivel Squeegee Handles and get to work. This kit even includes extra rubber that you can cut down to fit your squeegee channels when your blades get dull. Use the included towels for detailing after you finish squeegeeing.


The large 6-gallon Sörbo bucket accommodates up to an 18 inch t-bar. Use it just to carry your tools or mix your window cleaning solution. Combine the window cleaning soap and the glide solution for the perfect way to clean windows. The Hard Water Stain Remover is for when you need a little extra to get surfaces clean.

*Squeegee Handle Color May Vary


  • Sörbo Belt with Three Loops
  • Sörbo Dual Holster
  • Sörbo Steel Wool Holster
  • Sörbo Adjustable Scraper with Holster - 6 Inch
  • Sörbo Scraper Blades - 6 Inch
  • Sörbo Swivel T-Bar - 6 Inch
  • Sörbo Yellow Jacket Sleeve - 6 Inch
  • Sörbo Swivel T-Bar - 14 Inch
  • Sörbo Yellow Jacket Sleeve - 14 Inch
  • Sörbo Swivel T-Bar - 18 Inch
  • Sörbo Yellow Jacket Sleeve - 18 Inch
  • Sörbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel - 6 Inch
  • Sörbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel - 10 Inch
  • Sörbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel - 14 Inch
  • Sörbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel - 18 Inch
  • Sörbo Swivel Squeegee Handle (x 2) *color may vary
  • Sörbo Natural Soft Squeegee Rubber 12 Pack - 36 Inch
  • Sörbo Bucket - 18 Inch
  • Sörbo Window Cleaning Soap - Powder
  • Sörbo Squeegee Glide Solution - Pint
  • Sörbo Hard Stain Remover Solution - 5 oz
  • XERO Fish Scale Towel Mini - Single (x 2)


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