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Pure Water Power

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Regular price $4,754.65 USD
Regular price Sale price $4,754.65 USD
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About the Pure Water Power Little Beast Dual RO/DI - 115V

Uncage this "beast" of a water purification system; the Pure Water Power Little Beast RO/DI - 115V. This pure-water system is a powerful, compact workhorse with all of its components arranged on a powder-coated steel frame. When using tap pressure alone, it produces up to 1 gallon per minute. When using the included 115V booster pump, it can operate up to three waterfed poles at once and produce 2.5 gallons per minute. Designed to be robust, rugged, compact, and versatile, this system is mountable on your truck or portable in the field with its wheels.


When creating this high-output system, Pure Water Power took no shortcuts.

The Little Beast is constructed with 10-inch sediment and carbon filters, two 40-inch RO membranes, and one 20-inch DI filter. The filters are housed in durable plastic casings to keep them protected for years to come. The RO membranes are kept in sturdy, stainless steel housings. This unit is also equipped with a dual inline TDS meter so you can monitor its input and output readings.

Modes of Operation

The great thing about this unit is it can be used with either tap pressure alone or with the included 115V booster pump.

To use it with tap pressure, attach your garden hose directly to the water supply at the job site. Efficient tap-pressure water provides an output of approximately 1 GPM at 50 PSI.

To use it with the 115V booster pump, just plug it in. This will give you more pressure to run multiple poles or when the source pressure is too low to produce enough water for the job.

With the adjustable flow control box, you can operate the Little Beast at distances up to 500 feet with the included remote control, allowing you to manage your water flow from the pole at all times. If you plan on running more than one water-fed pole, you can add another hose to your setup.

The Little Beast units are sold as skid mounts on wheels, and you can add up to two outgoing reels and one incoming reel. There are four different reel mounting locations on the unit. These hose reels can be directly plumbed within the system and configured to the incoming or outgoing water supply.

With a footprint of only 15.75" x 17" and 57" tall, this unit can be mounted anywhere on your vehicle or trailer. You can even keep it on your flatbed truck. Plus, it can be utilized vertically or horizontally.

Stages of Filtration

The Pure Water Power Little Beast RO/DI - 115V allows for spot-free rinsing. It is configured for optimal pure water cleaning and uses four types of filtration for the best and most economical total filtration possible.

The four stages of filtration are as follows:

Stage 1: The sediment filter removes rust and large solids from the incoming water supply.

Stage 2: The carbon filter eliminates the chlorine from the water.

Stage 3: The chlorine-free water filters through the two RO membranes. This process, called Reverse Osmosis, removes 98% of the total dissolved solids, also known as TDS, before passing through the final stage.

Stage 4: The deionization stage, known as DI, filters the water one final time to bring the TDS level down to 0.

Then, you've got pure water to clean and rinse with, leaving the glass spotless.

Output Levels

When you use only tap pressure, this double RO pure water system produces 1 GPM. When using the booster pump, this system produces 2.5 GPM and can run three water-fed poles.

Using a 5/16-inch water-fed hose for each pole is recommended so the water can freely flow through your setup during your work day. Simply thread this hose through your preferred water-fed pole, and get cleaning!

If you're a water-fed window cleaner who works with a partner or two, add the all-encompassing Pure Water Power Little Beast RO/DI - 115V to your setup for significant results.


  • TDS Meter
  • Small Filter Wrench
  • Large Filter Wrench
  • RO Guardian
  • Lube


  • Can be stored, transported, and used flat or upright
  • Brass swivel compression fittings on all rubber hoses within the system
  • Commercial quality water purification system
  • Made in the USA
  • 500' range variable speed control box with manual and remote operation 

*Color may vary

**Info and specs in the printed manual may be outdated. Please reference this product listing for up-to-date info. 

Manufacturer Part NumberPWP-LB-DRO-T

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  • Does the pump run off of 115v ac power or 12v power? Since it says the battery is not included but needed, where does the 115v come into play?


    So sorry for the confusion in the description on this product. You just have to plug this in for it the pump to operate, no battery involved at all. Or you can use the system without the pump and no electricity is needed. I hope this helps clear it up!

  • What happened to the pure water power 24" brush for solar panels?

    Follow us on social media and we will post about it when it is back in stock.

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