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About the OVA8 Gooseneck

With the OVA8 Gooseneck adapter, you can reach deep sills, ledges, and awkward windows at the perfect angle while using your OVA8 Pro Basic and Elite water-fed poles. This gooseneck allows approximately a 9.8-inch reach with an additional 3.9-inch telescopic reach using the built-in bolt clamp. It is also great for cleaning solar panels. Made from 100% carbon fiber, it is strong and durable yet lightweight. It features an anti-spin design providing stability and control when you are cleaning at heights and a lock-it quick-release button to easily swap the angle of your brush. Simply push the button on the base, turn the adapter to the desired angle, and lock it back in place.

Available in 45°, 55°, and 70° angles, it is designed to slide right into the top of your OVA8 Pole.


  • Available in 45°, 55°, and 70°
  • Great for ledges, deep sills, awkward windows, etc.
  • 9.8" - 13.7" reach
  • Lock-it, quick-release button
  • Anti-spin design
  • 100% Carbon Fiber


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  • Does this gooseneck come with the OVA 8 T Adapter?

    Yes, it does.

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