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About the Maykker Orange Krush Window Cleaning Soap

Krush the dirt, grime, and greasy residue at your next window cleaning job with the Maykker Orange Krush Window Cleaning Soap. With its advanced formula, Orange Krush produces long-lasting rich, and foamy suds and works great on all glass surfaces.

Maykker Orange Krush Window Cleaning Soap is the ultimate solution for all your cleaning needs, whether it's regular maintenance or tackling tougher grime. With its highly concentrated formula, it effortlessly works wonders on both glass and frames, delivering rapid, streak-free results enhanced by a lotus effect (where dirt particles are picked up by water droplets). What's more, it's ammonia-free, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable cleaning process.

While this solution excels at eliminating dirt and achieving a sparkling clean finish, its Super Glide technology guarantees thorough coverage across all areas of your glass surfaces. Enhanced with the delightful fragrance of California Oranges, this soap not only cleans but also revitalizes the glass, leaving behind a fresh citrusy scent. Not to mention, it'll help keep your scrubber sleeves smelling fresher between washes too.

Experience the satisfaction of achieving a brilliant shine and leaving your customers delighted with Maykker Orange Krush Window Cleaning Soap!


  • 17 oz bottle
  • Rich and lasting foam
  • Eliminates dirt, residue, and grease
  • Extra shine
  • Super glide
  • California Orange scent
  • Ammonia-free

Questions & Answers

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  • So at 1:100 you need to use about 1.3 oz per gallon. Correct. If so a 4 gal bucket would need 5.3 oz so this 8 dollar bottle would be gone in 3 or 4 buckets of water? My guess is this will not be a go to for many.

    Based on Maykker's recommended ratio, it states "This product must be diluted at least 1:100, which corresponds to 40ml in 4 liters of water, or 100 ml in 10 liters of water."

  • What is the dilution ratio on this?

    The recommended dilution is 1:100

  • so with the maker krush soap, or the purple soap, do i need to still add highslide or squeegie glide?

    While these soaps offer amazing glide, you may still prefer to add some extra glide on super hot days. It is really up to you and how you like your solution to behave on the glass.

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