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Glass Renu

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Remove unwanted blemishes and stains from glass with these Foam Finishing Disks from GlassRenu. Use them with the GlassRenu Polishing Compound for optimal results and glass that looks like new again! Use these on hard water stains, tempering haze, oxidation, paint overspray, caulking residue, chemical burn, post repair cleanup, and light surface scratches. Use these disks with most chemicals and solvents, just don't mix the polishing compound with anything else. They are perfect for glass restoration, construction clean up, janitorial cleaning, and graffitti removal. They come in 5 inch or 6 inch sizes and in a pack of 5.

To use: Dampen the disk with water, use three squirts of the Polishing Compound, and begin polishing the blemished area at a low speed, 600 RPMs, with about 10 lbs of pressure. Continue until the polish is removed from the glass. This it not intended to replace any step of the GlassRenu Scratch Removal Process. It is only meant to remove surface stains and remove swirl marks from beginner users.


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