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About the Ettore REA-C-H Pole Conversion Kit

The REA-C-H Pole Conversion Kit from Ettore lets you get more use out of your REA-C-H extension pole. With this handy package, you can tackle waterfed applications with your favorite pole. If you aren't ready to commit to an expensive carbon fiber pole, you can use your REA-C-H pole until you are. This kit contains an Ettore Aquaclean Hybrid 14 Inch Brush. This brush utilizes both boar's hair and nylon bristles along with two jets to blast away dirt and grime. An angle adapter and unique converting pole tip allow you to attach your brush to your pole easily. The 12 feet of hose lets connect your pole to your system and the clips keep the hose close to your pole.

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  • What are clips known as?

    Not sure of Ettore's terminology but they are hose clips, or tubing clips.

  • Will this work for a longer ettore reach pole?

    Yes, it's compatible

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