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About the Ettore Pro+ Super System Squeegee Handle

The Ettore Pro+ Super System Handle has an ergonomic design, a non-slip grip (making it easier on your hands), and a quick release for high-speed channel swapping. In addition, all Ettore Pro+ hand tools fit perfectly with the Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip.



The following Ettore channels have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.



The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.

* channels will only fit with clips

Manufacturer Part Number1640

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  • Sorbo channels fit on the ettore handles or is there one to request on ettore and the same fir ungar beside sorbo handles. One more question where is the spring clips sorbo parts my handles all need replacement parts. If u guy sell that refurbish part kit then send stock part no and price . Thanks a maturing window cleaner.

    The only Ettore handles that fit Sorbo channels are those few that are listed as Super Channel Handles. As for Unger, only the 30 and 40 degree Ninja will fit Sorbo channels. And there are no refurbish kits for Sorbo handles


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