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About the C3D Solutions Trident

Make your business more profitable with additional services! It is easy to convert your current waterfed equipment for soft washing and roof washing services. The Trident from C3D Solutions offers a triple-headed spray nozzle. The 65 degree fan jets are chemical resistant and fed through a single 5/16 inch push fitting. The Trident is designed to fit your regular waterfed supply hose and utilizes Euro Threads to attach to your pole. Use this with the C3D Solutions Chariot and you can quickly add soft washing to your list of services.


  • Three 65° Fan Jets
  • Euro Threads attach to your pole
  • Convert your waterfed pole to roof washing
  • Chemical Resistant jets
  • Connects to standard 5/16" hose
Manufacturer Part NumberTrident

Questions & Answers

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  • I have 10mm water feed tubing. what size push-it-fix will work with that.

    To make the C3D Solutions Trident compatible with your current 10mm hose, you would need to use the XERO High Flow Hose Quick Connect, plus a short piece of XERO Hose to connect to the Trident. The "XERO High Flow Hose Connection to Brush," kit is a suitable option for you.

  • Hi What is the max litres/minute this unit will give ?

    This is a spray head nozzle attatchment. The GPM or LPM will depend ont he system you pair it with.

  • can you change the spray tips to ajust spray pattern. looking to address alge spots and spraying chemical on gutters

    This sprayer features three 65° fan jets that are fixed in place, not malleable.

  • Does it help to foam up the sodium hypochlorite soft wash solution at all? It looks like it might, since it is different than the other little attachment that gets screwed on to the brush and that sprays jets of water. I just want to make sure that if I buy this for soft washing purposes, that it's going to help foam up my solution at least a little bit and not just sprayed on like a jet. Thanks!

    It will not foam. It is a sprayer and does not add air to the mixture at all.

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