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Industry-Wide Network Extraordinaire Gary Mauer put together the first-ever e-mail group for window cleaners in this groundbreaking issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine. Publisher Rich Fabry asks Mauer some hard-hitting questions in regard to Mauer's roots, what his competition is like, what inspired him to make the e-mail group, and what his future holds.

Many window cleaning companies have grown from one or two-person companies, oftentimes using a "seat of the pants" management system. Sunshine Window Cleaning's Bill Lussenheide implores window cleaning companies to be aware of the equipment and resources they're using and not waste any money. An example he gives is only to use the soap you need in a bucket - no more, no less.

An outrigger is when the beam's backend wants to rise and its fulcrum bears on the roof. Engineering Consultant Craig S. Caulkins discusses an outrigger's construction, how it complies with OSHA standards, and how it helps window cleaners everywhere. Most window cleaning accidents happen in the summertime and IWCA Safety Director Stefan Bright will tell you why.


  • Meet window cleaner Mike Brinegar in this issue's IWCA Member Profile
  • Learn the recipe for the cheapest, yet most effective window cleaning solution
  • How to remove the crud from window tracks
  • What it's like to clean a house with 3,364 windows


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