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This issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine opens with a Q&A between AWC and window cleaner James Gilmore. Gilmore recounts the importance of protecting yourself from UV rays while answering questions about how toxins and air pollution impact window cleaners. Segueing into the next column, Newport Window Maintenance's Chip Butera compares one's own personal safety to monetary wealth. As you can see, this issue is all about safety!

Anthropologist Spencer H. MacCallum builds upon the previous issue's concern of a condition known as Tennis Elbow; the persistent pain in your upper arm, forearm, and hand usually due to repeated motions from your elbow. MacCallum sympathizes with those who are plagued by the issue as he suffered from it as well. However, he offers remedies and treatments. Bursitis is also a condition common to window cleaners and is discussed in the following article by Crystal Window Cleaning's John Baxter.

Ladder, scaffolds, workplace, and chemicals all receive informative articles each based around the prospect of personal safety and how you can get through your workday unharmed. In addition, Publisher Rich Fabry gives an update on OSHA regulations, the Scaffold Industry Association (SIA), and tells the reader why the constant pursuit of knowledge is important. Download your copy today only available on WCR.


  • How to protect yourself from UV rays
  • Why Tennis Elbow and Bursitis are common to window cleaners and how to remedy them
  • International Window Cleaning Association board members address AWC
  • Learn why safety is paramount and how to protect yourself in dangerous situations

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