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The American Window Cleaner magazine pays homage to all inventors in this groundbreaking issue. Do you desperately want to invent the next window cleaning tool? This installment includes predictions for future window cleaning products and highlights some inventions during the time of this publication's release. And if you'd rather market products instead of creating them, there's an article you can check out!

Publisher Rod Woodward, who unfortunately passed away in 1989, has an article in this issue. Woodward is seen responding to a reader's letter and he provided his own inspiring experience of developing the Swivel Squeegee and Super System. Window cleaning expert Henry M. Unger recounts the trials and tribulations he experienced during his process of creating the Wiggle Waggle.

G.A. Fargo Company's Gregory A. Fargo shares an accident he went through, how it inspired him to design the Holster, and the process he went through while inventing it. There are many great tips offered to aspiring inventors in this issue and what to expect while trying to pitch an idea. Inventor Steve Dale advises on how to bring your ideas to the marketplace having successfully inventing over 200 items.


  • Tips on how to invent a new product
  • AWC shares an article from creator and former publisher Rod Woodward
  • Learn about window cleaning in Holland
  • How to properly channel frustration into creativity


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