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Window cleaner Dave Jacobson opens this issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine with an informative article on how to expand your business. He compares five different individuals and how they accomplished their significant growth. To compliment the aforementioned article, Sunshine Window Cleaning's Bill Lussenheide gives some tips on unique marketing approaches that are effective for any window cleaner. Steve Cowell talks about his growing business as both a window cleaner and business owner.

Glass expert Henry Grover, Jr. expands upon his last article. This time Grover is focusing on window glass restoration. Ken Raddon discusses the different methods a window cleaner can use to make a great first impression with a homeowner. Freelance writer and window cleaner Allen Rathey writes a humorous letter from a hypothetical, frustrated customer's point of view. AWC Publisher Rich Fabry talks about the importance of being receptive to constructive criticism while also being able to fearlessly voice your opinion.

Prowash Window Cleaning Service owner Randee Loofbourow instructs how to maintain good relationships with clients in turn keeping a steady demand of work and income. Executive Vice President of the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) Jackie Kopp gives some updates on the organization and President Jeffery Valcourt shares his experience in a leadership role. Inventor Gary Mauer who also doubles as a window cleaner and Ettore product dealer discusses Ettore channels and how they function.


  • Learn how to expand your business effectively
  • Five successful individuals share their stories and tips on business growth
  • The IWCA Executive Vice President and President give updates and share their insight
  • Gary Mauer discusses Ettore channels and how they function


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