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Gabriel Gutierrez talks about keeping positive and in good company in "Good Vibes." His window cleaning support group named "Into the Flow," was initially created by Craig Hendzel, and began as an anti-industry group. Gabe notes that Craig wanted to create something where people could band together, allowing members to help each other out. This group stands on the solid ground that no negativity, spam, or attention-seeking is permitted. Craig has since left the group for other endeavors, but as Gabe puts it, the vision still remains true. Everyone supports one another in this tight community, boasting positivity and helpfulness.

Craig Hendzel encourages you to "Spot the Possibility" in his article of the same name. Growing up in window cleaning and coming from a generational window cleaning family, he's observed changes in the frequency of window cleaners' visits to homeowners, showing that you need a higher client base with less frequent visits.

Mental toughness doesn't always come easily. That's why Brian Sauls developed a plan to succeed in possessing it! After surviving a serious ankle injury due to a gnarly car accident, Sauls taught himself to exercise, build upon his physical limitations, and make himself unbreakable. Challenging yourself to overcome your comfort zone will make you a newer, better version of yourself.


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