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While we all appreciate the charm of a bright summer day, the sun constantly shining may not always be ideal for outdoor window cleaners. That topic is fully explored and more in this issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine. Write Right Enterprises' Drue Ann Hargis-Ramirez teaches how to prevent skin cancer, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Women in the window cleaning industry are a rare sight to see. AWC contributor R. Bruce Gebhardt spoke with several women in the industry and expects to see more in the upcoming years. Gebhardt says lack of strength is a disadvantage for women window cleaners although they excel in other areas.

From window cleaner to industry leader, the Unger dynasty is one to be marveled at in the window cleaning business. Unger Enterprises is profiled by AWC contributor Bob Lawrence. Lawrence covers where Unger Enterprises started, the competition they faced, their innovation expertise, and the current state of the company.


  • Learn about if or when you should expand your business - and how to do so
  • How to sell your window cleaning business
  • Tips for small business owners on the economy of scale
  • Crystal Clear Window Works announces a new addition to their management


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